Sunday 21 April 2024



with a cold breeze! Well it's been a busy week, what with workman in, sort of, for three days! When they arrived , well scaffolders first, it was raining a with gale force winds blowing. After the rain stopped, they soon had some scaffolding up front and back, the the men to fit the new windows took over.

Since the scaffolding was up, Paul used the opportunity to rub down and paint the baseboards and also refit some new guttering and down pipe, where it have fallen off over the years. It was a shame the scaffolding didn't run the full length front and back as then he could have done all of the top woodwork.

Unfortunately they have not completely finished as they ran out of gasket ( rubber that fits between the double glazed glass and the metal frame ) for one of the new back doors, so we are waiting for them to return and complete the job. Plus we are also waiting for them to come and remove the scaffolding, hopefully tomorrow.

But I can share an inside view of the new doors downstairs.


The completely finished door.

Casper still believes there is something hiding under the door, even though it's completely changed!

Over the week Paul finished the area that needed wallpapering and painting.

He also replaced the missing floor tiles in this same area where the larder cupboard once stood, so the floor is now all level.

The table still needs moving back towards the far wall and the piece of wall between the boiler cupboard and the window's been repaired and is going to be painted on Monday but not blue!

So we are on the home straight! Just a few little jobs then, Paul can sit back and enjoy the coming summer.

Today's headliner was Zak. He changed into a Ruth Hartley shorts dungaree set, so he could take part in the dungaree's week on the Sasha FB group. Although he's asking for a sweater and long socks.

On the doll front, one left and one arrived! Both non Sasha's at least the one that left was 55cm tall and the one that arrived was only 7 inches. so space was actually achieved !

I also bought a couple of items to donate to the festival raffle, so I'm waiting on them and a dress did slip in for my Sasha's too. A couple of cardigan's from Michelle also for the raffle prizes. Plus I bought a few tops for the boys.

Oh and I just remembered I bought a blonde baby! Meant for next years last Chat n Snap, unless he gets too comfortable between now and then!! He was just too much of a bargain to pass by , fatal!  

So maybe not quite as good as I thought!!

Well before I remember anything else I'll wish you all a happy healthy week ahead, now if I can remember where I put those dolls I want to sell....



  1. The new windows/doors look great Dee and they will let so much light in. Doesn't it feel good to redecorate, it's such a lift to the soul when it's all completed and it looks just how you dreamed.
    You will be happy to hear I have sold two dolls myself, which makes me feel better about purchasing the two Wichtels. Well a little less guilty anyway. LOL!
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you. I agree it gives a big lift when everything comes together and it's all look fresh and new. And you are making rash promises to not leave things lying around and keep the place tidy!
      Well gone on the doll sales! But I fear you are like me and another will sneak in when your guard is down lol hugs x

  2. All looking good. I love that green color of the paneled wall.

    1. Thank you. That green paneling certainly lifts the room making it brighter