Friday 16 November 2012


" I'm just a little grey bear cloud....hovering over the tree...." sing's a very off key voice...

"Where is the racket coming from?" asks Edward coming into the Sasha studio.

"Look Up " says Gertie whose been listening to this racket for some time!
Edward looks up..

" I'm just a little grey rain cloud pay no attention to little meeeeee"

"Mossy! " calls out Edward " What an earth are you doing up in the Hattie stand?"

Mossy stops sing , much to Gertie's relief and looks down at Edward " What 's a Hattie Stand? " He asks

"what you are about to fall out of if you do not get down this minute" says Edward sternly, very worried that Mossy will fall." And! Where are all Miss Hattie's hats?"

" Oh " replies Mossy standing dangerously on the top 'branch' " She's taken them to be photo'd for selling"
Gertie look's at Mossy " He IS going to fall!" she states
 Mossy ignore's the moaning little bear " Do You know Edward I can see all over the place from up here, it's wonderful" he sighs happily

Edward hurries to the bottom of the Hattie stand and hold's it stead while Mossy continues to look about .
" Mossy " say's Edward carefully and calmly " will you come down here I have a job for you"

"Well of course " says Mossy immediately swing down onto the 'branch'

" Is there food involve?" he questions " I am feeling quite peckish , I 've been aloft a whi.....oops ..arh..."
there follows lots of thumps and groans as Mossy loses his grip and falls out of the Hattie stand !
"Told you " grumbles a little voice from the corner " when I find out what time that bus comes.. I'm off"

Edward stares at Mossy's still body, Mossy stares at the ceiling!!!

Staying calm Edward leans over Mossy " Are you hurt Lad?" he asks gently " does it hurt anywhere bad?"

" I 'm thinking " gasps Mossy a little winded " That this would make a good Christmas tree "
Edward sits down in disbelief  and a little shocked from watching Mossy fall.

Once Edward's legs stop shaking he gets up to leave  " I forbid you to get up in that tree..I mean stand again! " he inform's Mossy walking away " and It belong's to Miss Hattie just you try putting things on it and see where that gets you" Edward storm's off as best as a bear that's just had a shock can.

 Mossy's voice follow's him out the room " she wont mind a little of the that shiny string stuff and a few baubles...Edward! EWWARRRRRRRD"

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  1. Just awoken from my afternoon nap (hard morning getting up hundreds more leaves from the huge Sycamore Tree)to find this lovely little story awaiting me as I sip my hot drink of Ribena.

    These little bears get up to almost as much mischief as your Gregor lads!
    Hoping that there are no side effects from the unfortunate fall and Mossey might well be could make an unusual Christmas Tree if decorated.
    It seems that whilst Hattie rules the Sasha Doll roost over there, Edward controls the Little Bears.
    Thanks for a lovely little afternoon treat.
    Sasha love from Kendal.