Sunday 18 November 2012


I have been buying some of these lovely jackets made by Jadzia and sold on ebay under her id: skibniewska_1960 , her daughter also makes and sells the same jackets with same id but ending in 1980.

Here are my girls, from left, Sophie , Ashley, Paige and Ginny wearing the jackets.You can see they go with both dresses and trousers and come in a wonderful range of colours.They are beautifully made and each is lined with a lovely floral or plaid fabric.

Now this photo I took on the stair's after Carol from US sent me a photo of all her Sasha's in Hattie's hat's, for a post I will do in new year, standing and sitting on the stairs.
What a clever idea I thought I will try that!

Slight problem being, the stairs are narrow and the back of the front door came into view and my daughters parcel not moved!. But I continued...

Full of  plan's to take a picture of all my Sasha's , Gregor's and babies I added another row of the clan......
Now hit first problem! I live in a 1926 cottage style house, so small hallway and deepish stairs and the door to kitchen is off set to stairs , so I could not move back far to take my photo's!
Then I realised there was another more worrying problem......

The cats! by nature a curious animal while I had been happily setting out the first of my clan, Saffy had decided to come down from one of the bedroom and was sitting looking down with interest on the proceedings and  Milo had arrived to look up from the hallway!!

Not being one to wait for the disaster to happen, I hastily removed my Sasha's from the stairs before they decided that Sasha skittles was the order of the day by chasing each other up and down the stairs!

But I have not given up on this plan and will try again and next time make sure no cats are within skittling distance!

I did however take one more photo of Paige in the garden, it was too cold to play lets stand the Sasha's, so only Paige had a photo but she always seems to look good in anything put on her so had to include this one.

Now I must go , Hattie has plans for a new hat range that involves me and the sewing machine.....I have avoided her but now she's found me and she's looking dagger's at me as I type, so I'm off into the realm's of the unknown.......I may return.............


  1. What a lovely lot of attractive coloured jackets. Are ALL your girls going to have one then?

    Stairs seem a good position to take a photo of all your dolls together...well, that is, if you have some. I'm at a disadvantage here as I don't with living in a bungalow.

    I'm looking forward to seeing yours all together. How many have you got now as there seems to have been quite a few new additions of late?

    Sasha love from Kendal.

  2. Ah Kendal although I have acquired a few new girl's and boy's this year a few other's have left for pastures new!

    So the total's pretty much stayed the same. I will only be buying more jacket's when a colour I love comes up, so will have to wait and see.
    and Cat's permitting, I am hopeful of taking a group photo in the next few weeks but it's a lot of work getting all the clan to stand carefully and look at the camera as you yourself will know.

    sasha love Dee

  3. What a lovely group of kids you have! Their jackes are very pretty too. I got outbid by seconds on one I was after a couple of nights ago...sob sob....but I hope to get one for my girl, when she gets here!

    1. Keep trying for the jacket , they are lovely and she lists at least one a week, so you will soon have one.

      I bet you cannot wait for her to arrive! so exciting when a Sasha's on her way!

  4. I've been admiring those jackets too though I haven't taken the plunge quite yet. I don't buy clothes for myself (I have loads already!) but for my Sashas, nothing is too good!

    And I too have a cat problem - mine both want to be in the photos too... love Jocelyn in MK

    1. The jackets are great and I buy more clothes for my Sasha's than for myself and spend more on them!!!

      Cat's and camera's who knew!! lol