Tuesday 13 November 2012


This is a photo of Cathy's girl Isabel a no navel with restyled hair.She has the sweetest face and the style of her hair is lovely. Makes you want to find one of these girl's with bad hair so you can cut it!!!!

I do love the look of these NN girl's , such delicate almost elfin features. So I asked Cathy if I could share her photo and she kindly said yes.I hope you enjoy seeing her to.


  1. ENJOY seeing her? I ADORED seeing her. She's an absolute delight. Very lucky Cathy! Not only is she just gorgeous but the pose is nothing short of wonderful. Well done Cathy!
    Sasha love and thanks Dee for this truly scrumptious post with which to start my day.
    From Kendal.

  2. She's really lovely. I'm just getting into Sasha and there is so much to learn, I'd love to know about these no navel dolls because this one is beautiful!

    1. Hi Sharon,
      She is made by the German Gotz company and is called a No Navel because at the end of the Gotz production period 69/70 the body head molds were completely changed and there was no navel below the mold line, the arms were also longer and slimmer.
      If you get the book Sasha dolls through the years by Dorisanne Osborn details on Shelly's site sashadolluk.co.uk it will give you lots of helpful info on all the different dolls produced in both England and Germany.