Sunday 25 November 2012


I decided that I needed to start dressing the girl's now if I wanted them all changed in time for Christmas.

I filled the rail with a selection of clothes for the girl's to choose from.

Claudia was put in charge of helping the other's choose a dress that would suit them.

The first to arrive were Evie and the twins, Sapphire and Violet.

Evie starts to pull dresses from the rail holding them up to ask Claudia's opinion
" Very nice " says Claudia " But try a blue dress "

" That's nice " confirms Claudia but Sapphire behind Evie looks worried, that's just the colour she wants to choose!
"Try another "  encourages Claudia

" I do like this one " says Evie holding up a lovely green and blue smocked dress.
" Then that's the one " says Claudia firmly.

The twins are straight in and Sapphire pick's the lovely blue cord dress in Sapphire blue and Violet picks the other cord dress in Violet!
" Don't you want to try something else ?" ask's Claudia

"No " say the girls together, holding the dresses up to show Claudia
" Yes I think you are right those dresses will look lovely on you"
Happily the twins go to change.

 Suddenly Hattie appears half dressed and begins searching the rail.
" Can I help ?" Claudia asks
" No thanks " Hattie replies scanning the rail quickly

"Just as I thought, the same old things" exclaims Hattie turning away.
"Well I love the lace dress you are wearing " says Claudia " you just need some nice shoes and maybe a piece of lace for your hair "

"What I need is more than a pair of shoes! I cannot go round half dressed in this thing" states Hattie hurrying away.

Claudia tidies the rail and awaits the next sister .


Here is a photo of the twins happily dressed in the cord outfits. For some reason the beautiful colour Violet looks deep blue in the photo but I will have to try and take a photo in daylight and see if I can get a true photo of this fabulous colour.

Here comes Hattie lets get a photo of her too!

" Hattie ! That top is one of the boy's Christmas presents! "
" What this boring thing! I was looking for something with a bit of colour but had to settle for this!"
" And why have you wrapped that kilt round that lovely dress?"
" Tartan is all the rage at the moment Mother have you not seen Karin's girls! And I had to put something over all the lacy white stuff"

" Well I'll be wanting your brother's present back!
" Then you'd best get knitting! Something bright with lots of colour!"


  1. Love the colours of the cord dresses by Ginny! And Hat...well, what can I say? Love your style girl!!

    1. I do love Ginny's cord dresses, she made the one for Sapphire especially.
      And as for Hattie, she asked me yesterday if I had the contact details for Vivian Westwood......

  2. Love the way that the twins, Sapphire and Violet wear the same clothing but in different colour-ways just like our twin girls did when they were younger. Nowadays they make sure that they dress as opposite as possible.

    Hattie certainly has her very own individual style though must also keep an eye on the latest fashion trends. Looking forward to seeing the new 'bright' jumper that she's demanding when it's finally knitted.

    A very good idea to start on getting them dressed ready for Christmas as it always takes so much longer than we think it will, not forgetting the tidying up of the chaos that is always left behind.

    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. I do think it's nice for the twins to be the same but different and Hattie like to think she's got her hand on the pulse of fashion lol

      Yes the mess left after dressing a few Sasha's is worse than dressing real children, at least they can help put the things away!

  3. What followers of fashion your girls are! I love those twins in their almost matching dresses, so pretty! But what a funny little madam Hattie is!!! She certainly knows what she likes and has a style all her own!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Thank you Sharon.
      Hattie believes that she is a close blood relative of Helena Bonham Carter! Her idol and who she bases her dress code on, which is why most times her clothes can be somewhat 'different'
      I live in hope that she will grow out of it but since Sasha's dont age I fear my hopes will be dashed! lol

  4. Oooooh my goodness! Not another change of clothes looming! I wished mine were like Hattie and just got on with it! Always a delight, Dee! xxx Karin