Saturday 20 July 2013


Today is not so hot, so Gertrude and Aimee have taken themselves out into the garden to enjoy the slightly cooler weather while it lasts.
They sit on the end of the garden bench , where Reuben seems to enjoy sitting, whatever the weather!

"Is he still writing that letter?" asks Gerty
" No I think this is another one !" Aimee replies

"Did he get a reply from the last one? "
" I do not think so "
" Oh well that's probably why he's writing again " says Gerty
" Yes to tell Mr Steve how he loves it here with us!" says Aimee happily.

"Mm " wonders Reuben " Should I tell Mr Steve they put a bucket on my head? No maybe not he may think it was my fault!"

I wonder what he's written lets look!

Mm looks like he is still not settling in.....

Just then Marcie stops by with Edith in the pram.
"Bonjour ma petite Ours"
"Bonjour Marcie !" chime Gerty and Aimee back

"Where are you going? " asks Aimee loudly
" We  Go To See " says Marcie loudly and slowly having realised that Aimee must be deaf as she always talks so loud!" To...See..Zee ..D R A G O N!" finishes Marcie very pleased with her English!
"W H Y ? " shouts Aimee back
" Parce qu'il parle le francais parfait quand il etait avec Bonnie Prince Charlie!"

Reuben looks over at Gerty and Aimee " Did you understand what she just said?"
Aimee laughs " Of course I do, she said she's off to see the dragon!"
" Even I understood that " barks Reuben " The other bit!"
" Oh That " says Aimee " oh she said she's seeing Bonnie Charlie ! He lives over the back by the pub The Duck and Hound! Nice lad  such a laugh! that's why he's called Bonnie !
Reuben looks impressed .

"Au revoir !" calls Edith from the pram

" Au reeevoir " calls the girl's
"Do you think she minds having a waif for a mistress? " asks Reuben

Hearing Reuben , Edith continues to smile and wave as she replies " Non tu regrettes imbecile stupide!"

" Mm " thinks Reuben " she may be smiling but he thinks he's just been insulted! Anyway no time to lose I must post my letter !"
He gets up and carrying the bucket goes off.

The girls watch from the bench.

They watch as Reuben stands on the up turned bucket so he can post his letter in the post box.
"What's he doing? " asks Gerty confused
" Posting his letter to Mr Steve " says Aimee
" Is that where he posted the last one? "
" Yes"

A happy Reuben picks up his bucket and heads off, He is sure that Mr Steve , who is a kind hearted soul, will not be able to leave him in this place once he receives this letter!.

" Should we will tell him that's a bird nesting box, that Mr Dad's not put up yet? " asks Gerty
" No! Look how happy he is ! " Says Aimee " and he is helping the bird that makes that it's home by putting in that paper for nesting "......


  1. Another brilliant story! I'm sort of feeling a little bit sorry for Reuben though, thinking that Mr Steve is off on his boat and ignoring the poor little bears letter.....perhaps someone should tell him after all?
    I love the story, once again Dee. I wish I had an ounce of your story telling ability, I really do!!! I would have so much fun! But alas my imaginiation seems to have deserted me for the moment!
    Please keep them coming, I'm loving your stories!!

    1. It's good you are being to feel sorry for Reuben, there is a reason that he is like he is....
      Mr Steve is to busy lapping up the sun to be worried about Reuben :)
      Thanks for the vote of approval for the stories, there are many spinning round my head..good thing or bad thing??? :)
      Reuben still as a little way to go :)

  2. Just clocking in here BEFORE I read the post in case the Ice Queen gets in before me again.

    Love from Kendal who is now clocking out for a few minutes!

  3. Oh My! What a super twist this story has at the end! Never seen a bird's nesting box like this before!

    I'm almost feeling quite sorry for Reuben especially as his letters aren't getting to Mr. Steve!
    Think that I had better alert Steve and tell him to leave the sitting out in the hot oversea's sunshine and relaxing by the pool and head inside the hotel and get onto his iPad and acknowledge Reuben's SOS.

    Had forgotten just how many of these delightful little bears you have now accumulated. Have they all kept the names that they were originally given? Have any of your lads got them or is it only the little Misses?

    (Pleased to see that your lawns are looking as dry as mine are with all your superb gardening skills!)

    Hello Ronny. Eat your heart out that I got in there first with this post

    1. Glad you liked the Postbox that's not twist!
      I think you should leave Steve alone and unware of the fact I am taking his name in vain and using and abusing him !! Lol
      I have a few of these bears now and so far have not changed any of their names, as their names along with their look was while I bought them.
      At the moment only one boy owns a bear and that's Percy whose bear is called Percy!!!

      And we are too busy trying to save the large new plants and trees we put in to worry about the grass!!
      and as to the last comment all I can say is no wonder you won so many sporting events at that school you taught at! I bet all the other schools sports mistress were frightened to win !!:)
      Hugs Dee

    2. Hello Kendal! I must have been napping at the keyboard :) Yes, you beat me this time :)
      Love the post Dee!Really clever and amusing...keep 'em coming girl :)

    3. I must be losing my touch if you are falling asleep at the keyboard!! :))

      Glad you liked it, I'll just let you know that I will be out most of tomorrow , so if I have not posted by 9 am i'll not be posting until after 9pm or maybe not at all!!!
      Hugs Dee

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. PS Did I just hear Mr Steve sigh with relief!! lol xx

  4. My girl and I sat and chuckled at this story - we're almost feeling sorry for Reuben the bear. P.S. Reuben the boy now has new shorts but no photos and therefore no official introduction on my blog yet, today has been too filled with cleaning house and making Sasha things to have a photo session in the garden and the sun wasn't around today.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and that you feel a little sorry for Reuben, he is not bad really, he as his reasons.
      Also pleased to hear that the boy Reuben's may finally be allowed out to meet and play with his new family, for it is far too hot to be hiding in the cupboard!!! :)