Friday, 26 July 2013


SASHA'S!!! Yes I know that rude Reuben's been taking over lately but he appears to have squirrelled himself away somewhere , while he works on his plan??
Anyway It gave me the chance to change some of the girl's into a few of the new summer outfits I have been acquiring.

First we have Claudia in a lovely outfit by Sarah of Vintage Sasha. I do love the brunettes in Red.

And a nice close up of Claudia a 1970 girl.

I am afraid I cannot remember who made this outfit but I love the fabric, a lovely cream with a little red pattern. Teamed here with some cream Jean Jensen sandals.

A nice close up of Rosina a 69 girl.

Another lovely outfit by Sarah of VS. A pretty lemon linen dress with white collar and cuffs, Sarah very kindly made a matching white beret when I said Marcie my French girl wanted it.

Teamed with white JJ sandals.

A close up of Marcie a 60's yellow eyed Gotz waif.

Here Winter is wearing a lovely smocked dress by one of my favourite makers Lesley of Special Delivery

A close up of Winter who is a Gotz 69 / 70 No Navel.

Here we see Winter with Summer who is also wearing another matching SP dress. winters sandals are by Jj Summer's are commercially made.

a close up of the pretty smocking by Lesley.

Another smocked dress by Lesley of SP, this time in a lovely green with yellow smocking. Agnetha
is wearing green double strap Jj sandal's

A close up of Agnetha's lovely face. She is a Gotz 69/70 no navel.

Winter and Agnetha together wearing their new summer dresses.

A closer photo.

Last up is Storm in her new SP dress by Lesley. Love the colour of this dress looks so nice with Storm's blue eyes.

Storm is a Gotz Esther toddler .

I have decided to run a little competition ,the details of which I will announce soon.


  1. Hopefully I'm here before you, Ronny?

    1. Yep!! You beat this time Kendal!!!!!!!!!!
      Dee, hand on heart LOVE what the girls are wearing, well made and nicely fitted dresses...Storm looks especially lovely :)

  2. They look all set for a garden party in those pretty dresses, what a super collection. The Vintage Sasha outfits are as always fabulous. Does Lesley of Special Delivery sell online or is she a friend who sells via word of mouth?

    1. Thanks :)
      Lesley's dresses are so beautiful , I have bought her dresses ever since I started collecting Sasha's.She sells on ebay under the name special delivery2006 on the us site.

  3. Always have to just check in first before writing my comment as terrified that THAT Ronny will hop in in the meantime, as it takes me rather a while to actually write my comment....having to tap each letter in with the rubber ended pencil. Then so often have the problem with sorting out the letters and numbers needed to publish, so minutes can easily tick by.

    Gosh what a lovely lot of NEW Summer outfits have recently arrived at the 'Sasha Village' just in time to enjoy this unbelieveably long spell of 'far-too-over-hot-for-me' weather.

    Rather spoilt for choice to pick a favourite today but particularly enjoyed seeing the V-S lemon coloured linen dress, that one of my Sasha friends had wanted to buy me ....but unfortunately, as we can see here, was a few minutes too late.

    I rather like it when certain Sasha collectors select one or two Sasha seamstresses as their favourite outfit suppliers, just like we so often do in REAL life! This is well shown here with your 'Special Delivery' purchases (an apt choice of name too!)
    Particularly loving the print and colouring of Winter's and Summer's dress material.

    Very pretty post to start the weekend off. Many thanks Dee.

    1. I have to buy something when there's NO sasha's that I want!!!! lol
      Always loved Lesley of Special deliverys beautiful smocked dresses, I as you rightly say have a certain collection of talented 'makers' whose clothes I prefer to buy for my clan.

      glad you enjoyed a Sasha Post without a bear in sight!!!

  4. The girls all look beautiful in their outfits Dee. I love the smocking on their dresses, very pretty. Your girls are really lovely, and little Storm is adorable with her chubby little cheeks!
    I was thinking earlier about seamstress made outfits and as a relatively new to Sasha person (is it really 10 months though??) I really am drawn towards two seamstresses in particular. I really love the outfits from Sarah of Vintage Sasha and I also love those that Kendal has by Pinestreet Studios. Although I don't have outfits from either of them, I think it is they who inspire me to sew...particularly Sarah!
    I think for 'sunday best' I would like some nice smocked dresses though!