Sunday 14 July 2013


Reuben is sitting in the garden still waiting for Melinda?  Roberta? to arrive and hear what he wants to say!

While waiting he has been writing a note to Mister Steve, I wonder what it says?

Mm looks like he is not settling in yet!

"Hello " says Mossy " who are you writing to?"
Reuben quickly closes and puts his foot on the letter.
" A dear friend" replies Reuben

" Who are you? " asks Reuben
" My names Mossy " He replies " what are you doing out here all alone ? "
" It's a very long tale " sighs Reuben dramatically
" Woo " cries Mossy " I love tales, I'll sit here and you can tell me all !"

"...and I was led to believe that the village was filled with quality Sasha's and Gregor's " Reuben carries on, while Mossy listens wide eyed!

"Only to find I have been duped ! " he throws his arms up "It's really full of Sasha of suspicious origins and age! why I could NEVER lower my standards to be the bear of a ....WAIF!" he says the last word with disgust!"
"Really Waif ?" asks Mossy not at all sure what a waif is but can tell by Reuben's tone it's not someone he wants to come across.

"Now " says Reuben dismissively " I must finish my letter so It can catch the first post in the morning, I must escape from here as soon as possible " he returns to his letter while Mossy leaves.

Mossy goes in search of his little Miss Ginny, he finds her cleaning out her lunch box ready for school in the morning.
" Miss Ginny " says Mossy sitting down at the table can I ask you something? "
" Of course " replies Ginny wondering what Mossy wants to know.
" Have you ever met " he lowers his voice " a ......waif?"

Ginny laughs " Yes Lots ! Why I'm a waif "
"Never!" gasps Mossy

"Yes Look! " says Ginny holding back her fringe to show the missing rows underneath
"NO!" cries Mossy raising his arms in distress
" It's nothing to worry about " says Ginny reassuringly " Waif just means someone whose not perfect "
" Oh !" says Mossy " Like me then ! Edward is always saying ' he mimic's Edward 'you know perfectly well Mossy ' and I never do know perfectly well!"
Mossy jumps out the chair and onto the table

He gives Ginny a big hug and a kiss. "What's that for?" giggles Ginny
" Because I LOVE WAIFS!" says Mossy " And you most of all!" and gives her a second kiss so she knows for sure!

Then looking very angry Mossy turns away and heads for the door . "Where are you going? " calls Ginny after him
But Mossy does not answer just hurries off!

Finding Reuben just where he left him Mossy climbs on to the seat and....

sticks the bucket over his head!!!

Reuben sits stunned while Mossy turns and leaves to angry to tell Reuben what he thinks of him!

"Was it something I said ? " asks Reuben thoughtfully


  1. I love this story about the bears, they just get better and better....
    Have I beaten Kendal AGAIN today ?? :)

    1. Thanks Ronny , they are all such individuals ! :)

      and yes you have beat Kendal again !

  2. Yes! You have! That was very naughty Ronny! Why weren't you watching The White Queen on the TV like the rest of us?

    Gosh Dee, I'm completely in awe of your blog stories. The little bear ones are now as good and as interesting as the Sasha fact they might even be that teeny-weeny bit better as those bears are such little characters in themselves before they even get into the story lines!!!!!

    Thanks for another enchanting bedtime story. Such a pity that Steve will have to wait a while to read these most amusing posts.

    1. Ronny had probably had her afternoon nap early today due to the heat Kendal, that's why she beat you :)

      Glad you are enjoying the continuing saga of Reuben's quest for a Sasha of presence! Which will be very hard for him to find in this village!!

      I have many story lines rumbling round my head for the Sasha's and Gregor's but these usually involve lots of props and time, but I will get round to them one day! So the bears may just have the edge for a while at least! :)

      I just hope Steve's still talking to me when he gets back!! :)lol

  3. Sorry Kendal :)
    I am getting no chores done these days - just sitting around waiting for Dee's next posts :)

    1. :)
      Well I'm working all day tomorrow so you'll be able to catch up !! :) that tea towel's not just for decoration you know ;)

  4. Mossy may be naughty, but he really has it right this time! Bucket on Reuben's head, whatever next!!!

    I'm relieved Reuben didn't arrive here by mistake instead of the Sasha Village - he would have turned his nose up at my lot instantly as they're all mid 70s early 80s Trendons, apart from baby Mabel who is an early 70s waif (so she definitely wouldn't pass his choice test). I can dream about a NP red headed ballet girl or a Studio miss, but it will always be in my dreams, and I appreciate the chance to see and admire those belonging to others who are lucky enough to have acquired them.

    1. Reuben does seem to be a very rude bear! and he'll be waiting a very long time if he's hoping for another NP or Studio girl to turn up here! I am afraid he missed Anastasia and so he will have to lower his sights..big time!!

      Maybe he'll have to make do like the rest of us and just watch from afar!!

  5. Absolutely brilliant once again Dee! I love this new bear, he is soooo naughty and rather pretentious, isn't he! I'm glad to see that Mossy has put him in his place, although somehow I don't think Reuben will really see it that way.
    I see sparks flying in the future between those two!!!

    1. I see you like the naughty ones Sharon! He appears to slowly be upsetting the bear population of the village..not a good think to do.. :)

  6. Little Mossy may be a bit hard of understanding but my is he loyal!
    As for Ruben, is he a literary bear? Wasn't it Don Quixote who wore a bucket as a helmet?

    1. Yes Rosie , Mossy may be a little slow on the uptake but he is a loyal little soul and does not like people to be upset!

      I hope Reuben's not going down the Don Quixote route, I cannot face having to find him a mule or a Sancho Panza side kick ( Which would be very hard with all the bears he's upsetting!!)
      I will have to watch and see where this tale is going!!! :)