Thursday 6 February 2014


Kerstin very kindly sent me a couple of photo's of her No navel.
She is a lovely red haired blue eyed girl but a lovely pale skinned girl.

Love this girl wearing pink! and the tulip's are a lovely addition to the photo.

Kerstin is laid up unwell at present, so it was very kind of her to send these photo's for us to share.This young lady has gorgeous hair ans look beautiful in her pink and white outfit.

Kerstin also send me this fabulous photo of her THREE Red haired No Navel girls!!! What beauties!! This photo shows you how pale the featured No navel is to the usual ones!

Thank you for sharing Kerstin and get well soon.



  1. Very pretty, Dee, and thank you to Kersten for sharing her with us! This little girl looks like she has a tiny face, very sweet and delicate looking.
    I'm sorry to hear that Kersten isn't well, I hope she'll be better soon!

  2. Three beautiful red haired No-navel girls. Am I right in thinking that the doll on the left is from 1970 and the centre and one on the right from 1969?
    Lets hope that they are heralding an early Spring.
    Please get better soon Kersten.

  3. Pretty indeed, thanks for sharing!
    Hope you are well soon, Kerstin!

  4. Lovely post, so nice to see the differences in the redheads. Thank you! :)