Wednesday, 26 February 2014


On Saturday Violet's quilt arrived unfortunately no one was home so had to rearrange delivery for Tuesday
At last the quilts are here and I can sort out about the beds!

" Ah ! Excuse me you are in the way of my shot!"

" I said Excuse me ! You in the yellow cloak can you please move for a moment? "

" Mmm would that be me you want to move? " says the girl in the cloak.

" Oh! Hello Elfine , what are you doing?  You are not supposed to be in this photo shoot"

Elfine takes no notice of me and pulls up a chair, takes off her cloak and makes herself comfortable!

"Now let me see " she says thoughtfully " last October , on Halloween I was allowed to make a quick appearance wearing my cloak and a mask " she pauses " in order to pave the way for my arrival. Am I correct so far? "
I nod

"October LAST year!! I was supposed to make another appearance at Christmas! "
" I know but I am looking for the right outfit for you to arrive in " I tell her
" I have been waiting over seven months! How long does it take to find or make an outfit!" she says in some annoyance " If you stopped spending on these villagers and their bears I would have had an outfit by now!"
I can see her point.....

She pushes back her hair to show off her Elf ears " I am a Princess of the Elf kingdom and I will not wait much longer, so be warned!"

She recovers her ears " If you want to know what mischief an elf princess can cause just ask that bear that wears the Emerald stone round his neck !"

Getting up from the chair, she gets ready to leave " I will wait just a little while longer then I cannot say what may happen if my story does not get told!" and with that she leaves......
Just what I need !! what with a new toddler in the village to deal with.....



  1. Looks like another mystery has now been solved then!
    I'm not at all familiar with any dolls other than the Sasha Dolls.....(which financially for me and Sasha is good as I'm not being tempted to go down the varing non-Sasha doll roads.)

    Violet's purple/lilac toned quilt is very pretty and attractive and I'm looking forward to seeing all the beds finally made up with the new quilts and bedlinen.

    1. Best to stay well away Kendal it could just be another slippery slope !!!

      The beds will be a while coming due to having the space to set them all up, however if the weather continues to improve I may find the energy to tackle this issue!!

  2. Oh Oh! This sounds dangerous. Little KayeWiggs looks innocent, but isn't?

    (Did you ask Mossy or look after him? Is he ok??)

    1. Only time will tell if she is going to be a good Elf for the village or not!!
      Mossy will not be liking an Elf arriving in the Village, he'll be worried in case she wants to take his emerald!! But so far he's not seen her because she gone off in a huff waiting for the right outfit to make an entrance !!

  3. Oh dear, I do feel bad because I'm partially responsible not only for the fact that this girl has found her way here, but because I'm supposed to be making her an outfit to wear too! Sorry Dee!!!! I hope that you don't feel the wrath of a Princess of The Elf Kingdom because of me!!!! But I have to agree that her appearance again has been a long time coming, and she's such a pretty little thing, that I can't blame her for being a bit impatient about being introduced!!!! I look forward to seeing more of her here in the Village!!

    1. Yes you are somewhat to blame for her slipping into the village even though she is not a Sasha! But really it's my fault she's still waiting for an outfit ! because I have an idea in mind and have yet to either make it or commission it!
      She appears to have helped herself to a Sasha outfit to tide her over! so she'll probably be trying to sneak into places!
      I really need to win the lottery so I can keep up with all these developments happening this year!!

  4. Lovely quilt and the ears really took me by surprise :)

    1. Thanks Ginger, Yes those ears can be such a surprise :)

  5. Loving Elfine, isn't she beautiful. Love her big brown eyes. How big is she Dee, she looks around the same size as Sasha? xxxx

    1. Hi Steve, I think she's gorgeous reminds me of my youngest daughter with her big brown eyes but not elf ears thank goodness!! lol
      She is about 18 inches so slightly bigger than Sasha and skinnier, although I have just dressed her in a Sasha outfit and she looks a little like a bag lady!!! lol xxx