Sunday 16 February 2014


Yesterday I had a yearning to do a post full of the clan in RED!! So I went to gather up some of the girl's to dress in red and each one I picked up I liked what she was already wearing,which was mainly the long sleeved dresses by Ginny, tights and boots for the winter village trend, so I put them back!

Luckily a few were already in red, so this morning I just changed Claudia into a lovely red floral Ginny dress and gathered those in red for this photo shoot.
I hope you enjoy this splash of colour!

Here they all are, Storm at the front sitting with Quinn in the tea cup, I'm loving this tea cup!, From left Marcie, Claudia and on the other side Arabella and Valentine.

Storm is wearing a set by Ginny of A passion for Sasha and Quinn is in Dolly Doodles by Judith.

Arabella is in a sweater by Gill and kilt by Hagnolly, shoes by Rosie Bloomfield and Valentine is in a sweater by Michelle and Ginny cord trousers.

Quinn's DD outfit is really a Christmas one but he loves it.

What's this! I think Storm wants to go in the tea cup!

Those little ones are loving this tea cup too!

Now lovely Storm and Quinn are sharing the tea cup.

I do love red on the brunette's and Claudia looks great in this Ginny dress.

A full length view showing off her Lisa Hartley boots.

Marcie is wearing a dress I bought off ebay in a red fabric with Lisa pixie boots.

A close up of the lovely Marcie.

Valentine looking good.

Arabella , I love this outfit on her.

A close up of Arabella

I did not need a flash with any of these photo's because behind me are the french doors into the garden and today's been bright and sunny !! So I had to close the curtains to take these photo's. Some appear brighter than others due to the amount of sun hitting the closed curtains when each photo was taken. In the photo below I thought I would open the curtains so you could see how sunny it is!.

The model's would have been very hot quite quickly.

Storm and Quinn.

The other's waiting patiently at the sides while the little ones have their photo's taken.

Just to show the difference in light curtains closed but maybe a cloud in the way of the sun.

A minute later the cloud gone!

Well I hope you enjoyed this RED post .Of course if you don't like red you will have left already ! personally I love red, such a vibrant colour.



  1. they all look wonderful in red. I particularly like Storm's dungarees/farm pants. The teacup is great.

    1. I do like the red on the Sasha's and Storm's dungarees were a bargain from Ginny of A Passion for Sasha.

  2. I love RED too so came right down to the end with you. This would have been n even greater post for Valentine's Day with it's abundance of RED!

    I hadn't quite realised just how big the cup actually was until I saw it again here on it's side. It's superb but will really need quite a bit of storage space which I unfortunately haven't got here. (At these times I wish that I was back in my previous four bedroomed house with all those extra rooms and spaces though
    you'll soon be well away for Sasha storage space once you get half of Paul's work shed in the Spring for storing all your Sasha props!

    We too had that brilliant sunshine all day and have you noticed just how much lighter the mornings and evenings are getting?

    1. So pleased you love red so came down to the end :) It would have made a good post for Valentine's day but there you go!
      The cup is quite big and bigger when you include the saucer! But I will have my 'studio' for storing these things in once the weather improves and we've rebuilt the fence etc...
      Wasn't it nice to see the sun and for such a good part of the day ! makes one feel so much happier :)

  3. RED mag ich auch. Die Fotos sind sehr originell, die Tasse ist ein witziges Accessoire. Am besten gefallen mir der kleine Quinn mit den süssen Löckchen und der schöne Valentine. Ich habe auch ein "Valentine" bei mir es aber ein Mädchen. Ein super Post:)

    1. Quinn is a little sweetie with his curl's :) Red is such a gorgeous colour and well liked.
      Valentine is a lovely name for a boy or a girl :)

  4. Love the photo with Arabella stepping in the light. It's great -and worth for using in a Sashacalendar.
    Red ist the colour of life, how not to love it :)

    1. Thank you , I was pleased how she appears to be stepping into the light. :)
      This is true what is not to love about RED and LIFE !!

  5. OO-ER...where did my comment go?
    I wanted to say that all these kids are my special Valentines. Love seeing little people in cheery, red outfits! But Arabella is a real heart stealer, especially in that timeless outfit.
    What a cheery post! Thank you Dee,
    Jenni x

    1. Thanks Jenni, I love that outfit on Arabella just so right! When I first put the kilt on her I did not have the right sweater then I asked Gill if she had a red one and she gave me this one with the green edging and it just looks perfect. It comes with a hat but Arabella does not do hats!! Much to Hattie's disgust!! lol
      Dee xx

  6. They all look so lovely in their red outfits, matching the red and white cup and saucer. I do like Sashas in red, it really suits them with their sunkissed skin. Having said that, I like them in lots of colours really!! Quinn is so cute, love his curly hair and Arabella looks beautiful in her red kilt outfit!
    An incredibly nicely dressed bunch, I have to say!!

    1. Thanks Sharon, I too love them in lots of different colours but the red is so warm and cosy looking I just had to put some photo's on!
      I wish I'd been able to buy Quinn's sister when I saw them for sale!!! Oh to be able to get another with that lovely mohair!!

  7. Storm and Quinn are so sweet and love the photo in the cup. My favorite photos are of your lovely Claudia and her dress by Ginny. Beautiful :)

    1. Thanks Ginger. I must say I do love this cup and saucer and the photo's of Storm and Quinn in it.
      Claudia is one of my favourites and Ginny's dresses are just so right for them :)