Saturday 22 February 2014


A hug of teddies in a rainbow of trugs!

Hugo in the bright green trug says " I cannot see! "
Mossy in the bright pink trug complains" I should be at the top! not hidden by you two!"
Edward sighs...

 Aimee who only stops talking when she's sleeping and she been known to even talk in her sleep on occasion!! Is chatting to Gertie in the trug below " Well I told him good and clear ! No one and I do mean no one is going to like you if you don't stop ! " she states " Am I right or am I right! "
" Oh you are most definitely right!" declares Gertie in agreement

" I still cannot see anything!" says Hugo

Diggory kindly decides to give up his comfy cushion and passes it up to Lila for Hugo.

Lila struggles to pass the cushion up to Hugo " Just a little higher !" calls Hugo from a safe place on the other side of the trug!

At last Hugo gets hold of the cushion. While Edward asks someone to try and shut the curtain as the sun is blinding him!

"Too Bright! " calls Edward " Curtains!! "

At last everyone's ready ! Well Hugo can now see but he's worried about how high up he is! Diggory is now wondering where his cushion's gone! and Mossy is sulking cos he is not in one of the top spots!!
Don't you just want to HUG THEM!!



  1. Definitely want to hug them, can you imagine doing this with small children, I am sure the story line would be similar.

    1. It would look great with small children but no doubt Health & Safety would make a complaint!! Lets hope Bear's n Safety don't get in touch!!! :)

  2. Never mind HUG them..... I want to STEAL them!
    Lovely accompanying little storyline.
    (Personally I agree with Mr Mossey that he should be higher up AND IMO in one of the two green ones!)

    1. Thanks Kendal glad you enjoyed it! Mossy does not need any encouragement! and One of the greens would have been good but I just went with the flow!! :)

  3. Wonderful! I am giggling. There just has to be a nursery rhyme in this somewhere! ......
    Nine little rubber trugs
    Balanced in a wall.
    There is a little bear
    Sitting in them all.....

    Where did you get those cute trugs, Dee? My old bear Trumble Gardener-Bear, could do with one when he's working his veggie patch!
    Jenni x

    1. Good rhyme Jenni ,
      Nine little bears sitting one in each
      the green eyed one's complaining
      Lila cannot reach!

      nine little bears
      the smallest at the top
      he needs a cushion pretty quick
      so he can see the drop!!


      The trugs came from ebay just searched from mini trugs and first bought just two then bought a set of ten for a very good price. I have given a couple away and now only have nine! i may buy more!!! they make great little gifts for Sasha's :)

    2. Got to get a couple! Since it was discovered that Trumble was a bear and therefore not entitled to a blog or email account of his own, he has been feeling very neglected! I started it with him so that my little neighbour, who has an elderly Dad afraid of what the internet might offer her, would allow her to read a blog on big brother's computer but we were cut off when found out. He may well start up again as anew small person loves him and wants t follow his adventures now.
      emailing now re Connor's letter. J x

    3. My Brood are lucky enough to have a lilac one (and filled with goodies) sent to me for winning the 'I C Mr Mossy' competition. MUST photograph it for the blog..

  4. Oh this is soooo cute and so lovely and colourful! I love seeing all the bears in these trugs! I've seen big ones of these here, in fact builders use big black ones, we even have some collecting rain water in our garden, but never in such nice colours!
    I thought it hilarious that Aimee is carrying on her conversation oblivious really to all that is going on around her!
    Very creative Dee, keep 'em coming!!!

    1. Thanks Sharon ! :)
      I do love colourful things and we have several nice bright coloured ones for our garden.Then I saw these and just had to buy a couple for the twins and then of course a few more!!

      Yes That Aimee can sure talk!! :)
      Glad you enjoyed it :)

  5. Bear tastic - love it. Just look at all those little faces!

    1. Those faces are Bearly there!! :) Glad you enjoyed it :)

  6. How fun!!! I love the colors and creative stacking too!!! Beary wonderful :)

    1. Thanks Ginger :) I do love colour and bears :))

  7. I know where the maygreen trug is :)
    Cumberland is sitting inside and wants to be part of the pyramide.

    May they live hugily ever after ...

    1. Yes Cumberland should be on the top!! a fabulous idea :)
      Mossy would have the right hump!! lol
      and yes may they indeed live hugily ever after :)