Sunday, 26 April 2015


My 1970 Brunette Claudia is one of my most photogenic Sasha's.She was a totally unexpected buy a few years back on Ebay. She'd gone round once with no bids and then she went round again! I asked the seller if he would send to UK and he said yes, so I bid.
Now when that normally happens someone else will decide that they will also bid but this time no one else did so she came home to me!
She has lovely thick hair that if brushed loses a hair or two but this is not a problem because to me she is just gorgeous and I don't brush her hair!

Today I needed to take some photo's of a couple of dresses I am thinking of selling, so since she needed to be changed from her winter clothes, Claudia became my model.

Here she is in the studio style green dress by Susan aka Chirnside, the collar is supposed to be up but I quite liked it down this time so left it there.The dress has matching shorts style pants.

A close up

She is quite shy but soon starts to enjoy herself.

This is another studio style dress by Susan but this one has long linen pants and a pretty headband.

another close up.

Pardon? Oh yes I really should have found some better shoes to go with the dresses but if I had gone looking You'd still be waiting!.

Yet another close up..

"where are you going? Nowhere you are just moving about so people don't think you are glued to the worktop! I see !"

"I'm to take another photo while you look down as if you've seen something? Okay! "

"I'd best take another just to be on the safe side!"

"That's lovely Claudia. You can now get into your new gingham dress, pardon? Yes I will be wanting a photo of that too!"

I received my new set of gingham dresses from the Lovely Ginny of A Passion For Sasha this week and finally got round to changing a few of the girls.

First is Claudia in the red gingham.

A closer view.

Then Claudia was joined by Jenny and Agnes also wearing the new gingham dresses.

Jenny on the left is wearing Navy Gingham with Rosie Bloom sandals in Navy, Agnes is wearing Turquoise  gingham with shoes by the late Jean Jensen and socks by Sharon and Claudia's in the red also with red Rosie Bloom sandals.

I love these gingham's by Ginny, I will take a group shot when I have all the colours I want.

A closer view of the girls.



  1. How many of the Gingham colours have you bought so far and just how many diffferent colours are there altogether? Enough for all your girls to have a completely different colour each?
    Loving Claudia!
    Good luck with your sales which will hopefully enable you to order another Gingham dress.... or two!

    1. I have nine, ten if you count Hattie's multi coloured one! There are a few more available so a few more girls can join in but it's nice to have a few not on trend! :)
      Thanks , there is always something that these children need!! ;)

  2. Claudia has such lovely eyes. The brunettes are my favourites.

    Love the ginghams but love the shoes even more. I think the time has come for me to buy clothesand shoes, not dolls. Once the one I have on layaway and the one Mum is buying are here, that is.

    Of course, some of us change our minds very quickly, even over night, about our dolly play, so who knows? I may be on trend in the changing my mind thing, if one of my Sashas suddenly tells me I should. Dolls do tell some people what to do - who knows, one might suddenly talk to me too!

    1. Claudia's eyes are indeed beautiful :) These Sasha children are always in need of something or other ! And try as we might to spend our money on their wants It's hard when another Sasha or Gregor catches your eye as you pass and gives you that look that says ..Mum?
      Then all thought of being in a dolly desert goes straight out the window while you try to gather enough funds to pay their passage home.
      I really should never make any decisions re doll buying because these dolls are forever calling to me and wanting to come stay :)xx

  3. The girls look lovely in their gingham dresses and matching shoes and socks, and Claudia is particularly pretty in all the photos. You're right, she is indeed very photogenic. I don't think she seems that happy in the long dresses though, I think she is the sort of child who would like to run about and play, and the long frocks would just get in her way...much happier in the shorter styles :)
    Big hugs xxx

    1. I agree Sharon, the gingham does look good on these girls.I think even though they are different Sasha's in different coloured dresses the fact they are all gingham brings them together as a group.
      I think she likes the longer dresses in the Autumn and Winter months when they add a little extra warmth :)
      Hugs Dee xxx

  4. Claudia is just beautiful Dee. I think there are times when great dolls on ebay just are not recognized. I call them " sleepers" and when you are lucky to see one, you can get a great doll for a great price! Claudia looks especially nice in the red gingham dress. I love your photos of Ginny's pretty gingham dresses. Your girls look lovely! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, she is a favourite of mine. That's a good name for them sleepers . It's lovely but so rare now to find a gem for a good price.
      I love these gingham dresses of Ginny's such lovely colour range to chose from! :)xxx