Friday, 24 April 2015


Anastasia  is filled with joy that her old pupil is sudden standing before her!

"Madam!" sighs the Girl " A friendly face at last! I cannot believe it!"
" Nor I Nor I !" says Anastasia happily.

Suddenly there is lots of hugging and talking and yes a few tears as these two old friends greet each other after such a long time.
"Anoushka It is so vonderful that you are to live here vith us in the Village of the Sasha ! " she laughs gaily "It vill be like zee old days !"

"Off vith zee coat" commands Anastasia
Anoushka asks why she's not speaking in Russian
" Because child you are in England and must speak zee English !"

" You speak very good English " says Anoushka without any accent.
"And you could be zee English miss!" answers Anastasia happily " Come child let me take you to zee others so that you can be settled in "


Meet Anoushka my new no nose brunette. It was love at first sight when I saw her on Shelly's even though she was wearing an ORANGE dress I was not put off , so I knew she just had to come home to the Sasha Village.

Here she is on her arrival.

But here she is looking much better in a lovely Vintage Sasha dropped waist dress.

I must confess when I first opened the box and got her out I was unsure, so she stayed beside me while I check my emails on the computer. The the following day when I got home from work took a few photo's and changed her out of her ORANGE dress I fell back in love with her!.

Here she is with Olivia , I was surprised to find that Anoushka is petite beside Livvy! Which I love!.

Poor Livvy is still waiting for her arms to be fixed as I need a couple of brass blazer buttons and I look on ebay and they look like plastic! So I need to go hunt for some in a shop somewhere!.

I thought you might like to see her in the ballet dress facing front.

She is so pretty, I am so glad I took the plunge despite the ORANGE dress and asked for her!.


  1. Giving myself a 'pat on the back' (well not quite ON the back due to the Arthritis but near enough!) that I got it right for once!
    Loved Anoushka's introduction. Very clever indeed! Far more exciting and interesting than my new doll 'run of the mill' first viewings!
    My favourite picture today is of her hugging her old ballet teacher, Madam Anastasia.
    (Was impressed too by the 'Russian' fur coat and matching hat that she arrived at The Village in.....though for once we were enjoying some lovely extra warm weather instead of the usual April Showers!!)

    1. Well done Kendal for being in the 'know' :) There was just something about Anoushka that said Russian and then it all fell into place from that, that is the way my mind works.. strange but true!
      The fur coat was another result as it belongs to my Kidz n Cats Girl Catherine and she kindly allowed Anoushka to use it for her entrance!! :)

  2. Yay - a front view or two. She isso lovely Dee. Bertie has decided that he'll give up sweeties in order to save up to send her some flowers, he's in lurve! However, he is worried she may only speak Russian. He wants to know if she will understand his messages.

    1. Glad you like her and Bertie too! Tell Bertie that Anoushka can speak perfect English having lived in this country for many years but will use Russian if she gets upset or annoyed!
      She says he is welcome to send her messages as is her due but she must concentrate on her ballet now she's found her old teacher!

  3. Worth the wait! She is a beauty!! Congratulations!!

    1. Thanks Carol. I do love her, she looks so sweet :)

  4. Hi Dee! I hate to admit but I saw your new girl first on facebook and then I jumped on your blog. She is stunning! A very pretty no nose girl and I think she's pretty in the orange too!!!! So nice to see her strainght on. Congratulations on a wonderful addition to your family!!! :) xxx

    1. Hi Ginger , My fault I could not wait to share!! lol :) I am very happy she's decided to join us in the village even with her Orange dress!! :) xxx

  5. Awwww! :') I'm glad old Anastacia is reunited with an old friend, and that Anoushka has someone to help her feel at home immediately.

    1. Yes It's nice that they have found each other after all these years :)