Sunday 30 August 2015


Well the sorting and sifting of Sasha things continues! But I have finally dived into the big mess that's been building up again the Small bedroom / Sasha storage room.

This is what it looked like this afternoon ( Saturday ) when I went in to try to win this battle! The tall white unit against the back wall was at one time and only for a short while the Sasha house but it was in an awkward position for getting natural light, so it became a storage unit.

Having moved lots of the furniture down to the studio, it became a place to put things while sorting out things for Studio but I decided that today that unit was going and sorting and tidying would commence!!

After spending a good half hour moving everything out of one room and into another Paul took the shelving unit apart and took it away, out came the hoover and then the sorting began!

I had a look into this box of wool and found some of the 2 ply wool that would be perfect for the hats and mittens.

I was sure there was more? it may be in another box , I am sure I will come across it sooner or later!

 a view through the side of a plastic container at some of my fabric that needs to be used!!

Just how many pixie hats does a Sasha family need?

A little Bramber Bear still waiting to be ' found' !

Yet move china! How much do I need ? It would appear quite a bit! I do love china big or small!!

Finding boots and putting them together in a box.

another little box of china cups and saucers which also contained this little blue and white plate.

White unit gone and piles of sorting in progress! Time to stop for a short break! Then onward and upward!

Well today, Sunday , I decided I needed some more but bigger or different shaped boxes so that I could have less boxes , if that makes sense!!

So we went off to Hobby craft and then to B&Q on the hunt for boxes.

We came back with these! The top three from Hobby craft and the bottom one from B&Q unfortunately the two biggest boxes each store only had one left and of course now I am home and using them I could do with another one of the top box!
I would also like another of the third box down, so will go on the hunt for them next week.

I came across wool that I had bought to make the 'human' family sweaters with  some I am keeping but quite a bit I will sell on.

This gorgeous purple wool is going on ebay any minute.

And so is this ! It's got to go even though I am thinking.. oh it's so nice, love the colour ...maybe I could use it for something...... NO it's going...

I have now listed this wool plus more on my sales page and also on ebay, I just hope it all goes!

Well I have been working on the room all day  with only a break now and then to have a cup of tea and a sit down. All the new boxes are in use and two old boxes have gone into one new one! However I am now using the old boxes!!! I'm up sizing each box from a smaller one as I gather everything in one place... I now have a hats & bags box and a socks & tights box!
So still lots of boxes but much much tidier!

I found these little place mats and napkins in one of the bags that contained a patchwork quilt and pillow! The place mats are a little big for the Sasha table but the Napkins make great place mats!

I now have a box of just Sasha bedding! Well it looks like this may roll over into Monday! So I will wait until tomorrow to share a photo of the room and you can judge if it's any better!!

I can see I am going to have to be very hard once everything is sorted and go back and take things out to sell on, need to reduce that amount of boxes even more!But for now I just want everything tidy and labelled so I can find it!

I forgot to tell you about Paul opening the curtains one morning in the week to find the King of the Heron's sitting on the edge of our pond!! We had four fairly large fish and we thought that he'd eaten them all but finally this morning Paul saw ONE of them over by the edge, so today he went out and got five small gold fish to keep it company ! Let's hope the Heron does not return thinking we are running a takeaway for him! Mind you these new fish are about 2 to 3 inches and the ones he ate were about 6 to 7 inches !



  1. A great post Dee- lovely to see all the bits and pieces of another Sasha Mum - but, oh that poor little long has he been languishing, waiting to be found? Pick him up and give him a cuddle from me, RIGHT NOW!

    1. :) and so many bits and pieces!!! :) He's only been in that box a year? It could be longer I cannot remember ! but it is open so he can look out and breathe! :) I will give him a hug from you and I suppose you want be to give the other little blanket bear whose also been waiting as long a hug too! I don't know .. you are very demanding!! ;)

    2. Well, you have to accept that my bear-oholism predates my Sasha-holism by about 7 years. If I am incapable of giving up Sashas, then I'm even more devoted to bears. No Bear Uncuddled is my motto.

    3. Well I think we all loved our bears first closely followed by our dolls! :) and it is a fact that to cuddle a bear is to feel the love :)xxx

  2. You must have much more will power than I have! I'd have run a mile after seeing the doll room as it was yesterday as I wouldn't have known just where to start! I'm a real 'wimp' when it comes to tidying up and getting rid of any unwanted items or clutter in any shape or form.

    That looks to be a dear little Bramber Bear! What's his name? Look forward to seeing him out and about with the others very shortly!

    1. I quite like bringing order to things. It's only since I have had Sasha's that my tidiness as gone out the window! So finally getting in there and making order is very fulfilling:)

      I already have a bear with the same name as the one hiding in the box so I will need to think of another name for him. He'll be arriving soon in the village along with the other lad that's been sleeping :)x

  3. Oh that cute little bear looks like a Juno to me! Don't know why but when I saw his face I thought "JUNO!!!"....crazy aren't I! But agree with Jen, he needs to be taken out and cuddled, very tightly cuddled, having spent so long in a box.
    You're doing well though, and what a good excuse for another trip to need more boxes!!!! If an excuse were needed of course!
    But well done on all your clearing out!
    As for the heron, blimey little devil!!

    1. Well then that's what I will Call him ! Juno, I like it and so does he ;) I am sure he told you because he's probably not speaking to me because he's been waiting too long in that box!

      I was very good on my trip, I only once looked over towards the wool and only paused at the patchwork fat quarters and then carried on..... I was so GOOD! but can I pull that off twice in one week.........mmmmm.....
      We had another bit of luck as another of the bigger fish appeared a little while after we put the new fish in, so looks like the Heron only got two of the four! But we will have to be on our guard! :)xxx

    2. Awww Juno!!!! Such a cute name for a cute bear! And yes, I think he did send me a telepathic message to say that was his name! Juno Bear, perfect!
      No, to go to Hobbycraft and not get sidetracked into buying other stuff is.....erm not natural!!!!
      I am looking forward to going to the one in Romford in October :)
      There are just three 'must do's on my list for October, Pie n Mash, Hobbycraft and the Chat n Snap......everything else will be just a bonus. Oh and of course seeing my family LOL !!!!! ;)
      PS glad that naughty heron only got two then.....that should keep his stomach full for a few days. Good job it wasn't a pelican that visited your pond! LOL

    3. He likes it! :) He'll be making his appearance later this week , he said people must be fed up with seeing all my mess and a good looking chap like him would be just the job to improve matters! He's very cheeky for a bear that's been in a box for a year or so!! He'll fit right in! :)
      Sharon I don't know how to say this but I went again today and still only came out with some boxes!! I may need help :0 Ooh Pie and Mash lovely !
      If it had been a pelican it would have probably tried to eat the dogs!!! :)xxxx

  4. It's looking better already. Seeing your tidying and moving has been quite interesting. You actually helped get me motivated to do a deep clean rearranging of my studio. I finally finished last week it took me about two and a half weeks. Now I don't quite know what to do with myself it's so organized. Although in the end I'm somewhat "depressed" because I just couldn't part with six tubs (newly purchased) of general craft supplies. I found the perfect spot for them in the basement where they are out of sight, but the stuff in them really should go...
    Anyway, like I said, I'm following the move with great interest.

    1. Thanks Julie :) It's always so lovely when it's finished! ( she says hopefully! ) I understand the ' depression' it's hard to get rid of things that are new and you know you won't use but still they are new! You could try listing a few at a time on ebay and keep the money in an account until they are all sold then buy yourself something?
      This move is taking forever! :)

  5. The joys of sorting and tidying, then just as soon as you've got one room sorted, you realise that things have moved to another room so the sorting starts again (or shall I say continues). Perfect thing to do on a miserable weather day. I'm glad you found some finer wool for making those mittens and hats. Buying more plastic boxes can be risky though unless you manage to get rid of cardboard boxes rather than filling them all. Good luck with the continuing tidying and selling of stuff you no longer want.

    1. That can be one of the problems with a good tidy of one room making another one or two worse! But Paul's banned me from putting things anywhere else unless that where they belong! So that's helping!
      Buying more boxes as helped as they are bigger and taking more items, so reducing the small boxes which are then taking the things from the carrier bags and open boxes, but still need to be harder! I am working on the getting it all in order first then later sifting through and reducing which will allow boxes to move on!! ( she says!) :)

  6. I think sifting and sorting through Sasha items has to be fun, especially when there's that much! As you can't possibly remember all that is there :) x

    1. It can be but there is so much and I have found a few things I had totally forgotten!:) and yes you never remember everything you have ! :)xxx

  7. Wow Dee, I marvel at your "can do" attitude and perseverance too! I did get a small bit done this past weekend but we had family visiting from out of town and so my cleaning up and moving things out took a break until next weekend. I like your see-through storage tubs and that is what I try to buy if they are available. I wish you every success! :) xxx

    1. I was lucky in that apart from working Saturday morning and going out to dinner Sunday evening I had nothing else planned and the weather was dreadful so had no wish to go out and about so was able to devote my time to getting it done!
      Having the see through tubs makes a big time saver when you want to find things! There is still some way to go but I am heading in the right direction!! :) xxx