Friday 18 March 2016


Well where as this week gone! I cannot believe it's nearly a week since I last posted. This working lark does get in the way for enjoying myself playing with the dolls.
But then if I did not work the dolls would be few and the clothes fewer! On the subject of clothes I did buy a couple of beautiful sweaters for the Sasha's.

Now Caitlin's raided the spring cords so she can wear this white cable sweater by Rosie Laird.

Looking very like the colours of ice cream.

also Tatty got first dibs on a Diane Duke set.

Jamie and Tatty .

a closer look.

Well a reminder that the photo's of your white customised  T shirts need to be in soon, I'm going to extend the deadline to Easter Sunday for receipt of the photo's and the post to be added on on Easter Monday.

Will do a catch up post on Sunday but hope to do another post tomorrow but have to work , so it may not be much of one.



  1. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH! Turn round Bryn Derw Kids, no looking at the Village Fashionistas on the screen! Yes, I KNOW they are beautiful sweaters but you can't have them!

  2. Very lucky girls and boy to get such nice knitwear!
    I often wish I could knit like this, sadly I cannot! So it is fortunate that it's not often that cold here that my kids need woolies! ;)
    That's my excuse anyway!

  3. Is this, top knits/cord trousers, the latest 2016 SPRING Village fashion then? I'm thinking that it might well be judging by that recent colourful bulk buy of Passion for Sasha cord trousers.
    You've definitely hit 'the nail on the head' when you say that there would be fewer new dolls and outfits at The Sasha Village if you didn't go out to I and the Sasha Brood well know...BUT sometimes FORGET!

  4. Wow! Luckily, my Sashas can't see the laptop screen from their shelf, because they have to make do with Mummy-knitted sweaters, which are not nearly as sophisticated. I LOVE the pattern in Tatty's set. I could do cable if I were forced to, but not that.
    Nooooo - there's nothing to see, kids!

  5. Very beautiful knitted items on your happy Sasha clan. Love the cabled sweaters with the cute heart buttons. It is always wonderful to see the very handsome Jamie and his sister Tatty has really scored the jackpot with her Diane Duke mini Kaffe treasure. A great post! :) xxx