Saturday, 26 March 2016


So far the Easter weekend had been a busy family affair , but one young bear had managed to find a place to have forty winks while others cleared away the chaos from so many visitors staying for a couple of days.

Of course ! It's Mossy the Green snuggled up on the sofa in the family room, gently snoring off the many honey sandwiches he'd managed to eat !

He'd been happily dreaming for some time when a noise awaken's him.... for a moment he's unsure where he is and what he heard, then a small cough sounds.

Pulling himself up , he see's the new toddler Trudy across the room, he'd not yet met her having been busy signing photos for his fans and eating honey sandwiches and cakes.
" Hello " he says " I'm Mossy the Green, no doubt you've heard of m....." he stops stunned..

He moves to the edge of the sofa , a look of disbelief on his face

Finally he finds his voice " Is THAT a Bramber bunny? " he asks in horror
Trudy picks Esme  up, not liking how the bear is looking at her " Yes Esme " says Trudy
"Well she'll have to go! " says Mossy " We don't want no bunnies here and especially NOT Bramber ones!"

"NO GO!" says Trudy sternly and turns away with Esme safe under her arm. "No like YOU!" mutters Trudy heading towards the door.

Esme moves up so she can look over Trudy's shoulder at the funny silver grey bear that's muttering on the sofa and watching them.

Seeing the bunny watching him Mossy calls out " Don't you look at me rabbit, you cannot stay, no! no way! Scram back to your warren... keep moving and don't come back!"

At first Mossy thinks the bunny's crying... then he realises she's LAUGHING! Then she WINKS and WAVES at him!

Mossy leans back moaning and groaning and muttering .. " Its' too late it's too late.. she laughed.. she WINKED !!! it's too late!"

and that's how Edward found him, muttering and groaning .

Hurrying over Edward climbs up onto the sofa " What's wrong Mossy lad ? " he asks gently
"It's too late.. she's here and she WINKED!"
Totally confused Edward asks "Whose here and whose winking? Make some sense lad "
Just for a moment Mossy stops muttering and takes a deep breath , he whispers looking left and right to make sure noone else can hear.
" a Bramber....Bunny..... "
Edward starts to laugh but then stops looking back at Mossy and his horrified face... could the lad be correct.. " A BRAMBER Bunny ? " he asks again.. " Yes " sighs Mossy " and Edward... she WINKED!"
Edward suddenly finds his throat is very dry and it's hard to swallow....

Who on earth would let a Bramber Bunny into their home? Why? have they no sense? Why only someone who played with dolls and bears and believed they could talk  might be so foolish... no one here would be so stupid......

suddenly the penny drops  " MRS MUM! "

to be continued...


  1. Oh no! What do Bramber Bunny's DO????? Is our beloved St. Mossy, patron saint of our nursery school at Bryn Derw, in danger????

  2. ooh ooh, looks like there is insider knowledge among the Bramber bears about the bunny variety of their kind. I wonder what the danger is?

    1. they could be worried for nothing......but then again...... it was a BRAMBER bunny!!

  3. A really charming Easter Bunny story to light up this dull dampening Easter weather.
    Poor Mossy and Edward look really PUT OUT, as they say.Looking forward to the next chapter.

    1. Let's hope it is charming, Kendal... they seem very worried that a BRAMBER bunny's in their midst...WINKING!! :)

  4. Enjoying your Easter story Dee. Mr Mossy does look a bit troubled but you have to love bunnies, right? :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger. I think Bunnies are very nice in small numbers...... :) xxx