Sunday, 20 March 2016


Well I confess I have let things slide this last week or so. There is a lot happening at work at present and I have been working five days a week for the last few weeks although I did managed not to work the Friday just gone, but have been feeling very tired , I think a cold is rumbling round my body but my body is not letting it take hold, which in one way is good but another not, as it means it's harder to get over it! So I seem to have lost a little of my Mojo but hopefully it will return soon.

On the Sasha front, I have been wheeling and dealing , getting this , selling that , plans in motion but unfortunately no energy or will to actually get things done!

But it's also SPRING! well so it says but still getting cold afternoons and evenings , but Spring always fills me with the need to clear out and tidy and get things done around the house. Spring for Paul usually means he's out in the garden, which means the house gets second if not third place but this year we have decided that the house must come first.
Which will be great to finally start putting some of our many plans into action. I will search them with you , if you'd like , as and when they happen.

One of the things we have always wanted to do is change our front door and this year is going to be the year it happens, however we have widened that plan to actually moving the front door out into the porch and making the porch part of the hallway. This will enable us to have a full sized coat cupboard and a much nicer hallway.

On the doll front , I am selling some dolls, non Sasha and also some Sasha's and still trying to clear out some more of the clothing, it might help if I actually stopped buying clothes and dolls , but it may be worth a trip to my sales page every now and then to see whats on offer.

Now on St David's day an old clan member returned to the village. He'd gone off to France a few years back and I'd asked the lady to let me know if she ever decided to sell him , which she did and at the time I said no as I had decided not to go back , having sold him but then a few month's ago I saw him on Shelly's , I was sure it was him , I read the description and was convinced but I resisted and watched him for a few months then his price dropped a couple of times until it was what I'd sold him for... well what's a mum to do but bite the bullet and let him come home.

It was really strange as when he arrived I was not sure at first it was him, my boy but then I saw his coat and knew I'd been right, there was the odd button that was on the coat when I owned him , it was him !

Well tomorrow I'll  let him come and see you all , maybe you'll have worked out who it is by then.

So enjoy the coming week and I'll be back tomorrow with our old friend and clan member..... :)



  1. This all sounds very intriguing! Can't even begin to remember who he was/is....but hopefully all will be revealed tomorrow.
    The house/front door plans sound good and you'll no doubt have more time this year with not having to have your garden open day.

  2. Welcome home, little man! Alberto is waving to you!

  3. I hope you have a lovely week Dee. I have been working a lot of hours and though we have had some sunny days where photo taking would have been a joy, those days have all occurred on work days. The weekends have been cold, damp and gray..... So I hope to get back on the band wagon soon and hopefully have a pretty weekend day to start taking photos of the darling Sashas. :) xxx

  4. I hope you get back your mojo real soon, I know how that feels to lose it for a while, it seems like it's gone forever but it'll come back soon. As for the clearing and sorting, tell me about it. I have a larder cupboard that I cannot find a thing is as there is just such a muddle of tins and packets....I keep saying that I must sort that out, but never get to it. I just buy more stuff and shove it in the front.....I can barely close the darn doors! So I really must must must get it done and soon.
    I hope you have a great week, try not to work too hard.