Thursday, 1 September 2016


The 1st of September! The arrival of Autumn and a wonderful time of year. The days still warm as the nights become cooler, so sleep becomes easier after the hot sticky summer nights but not yest so cold that you need the heating on.

This year does seem to be hurrying along with me clinging to it's tail! All those things I was intending to do, most still needing doing! But as you know somethings are starting to happen, so still time to have ticked a few boxes before the year end appears!

and now to this months doll shelves and what varied and interesting ones we have this month.

Ursula's new girls gathered together making friends.

Her rewigged Velvet showing a new style to her sisters.

But whose this just arrived? why it's a button nosed boy called Erik.

Luise is so happy to have another button nosed child in the family.

Ginger's sent us a feast for our eyes! a lovely big shelf photo that we can spend time finding things we missed on the first view!

Karin's birthday girl Tessa is all into the tennis since watching the Olympic's.

A close up of the beautiful Tessa , a perfect birthday girl .

Excitement from Ellen Church's lad and his dog!

This lad of Ellen's is resting with his dog while his sister looks on.

These girls are ready for a trip to the marina .

These girls of Ellen's are still deciding just where to go!

The shelves in the Village are looking full!

 Another village shelf.

These buttons are looking squashed but they are not honest! It's just how the photo was taken.

Trudy's chatting with The Kathe Kruse dolls

Upstairs a big gathering of dolls on the shelf to greet me in the mornings.

Lots happening on Lel Shaw's doll shelf

wrapped up well

Two little brunette babies playing.

Two more babies watching what's happening from the shelf.

Ronny's new crew , wonder how I knew !! ;)

Jenni's girls checking out whats happening from their shelf.

Well please send in your doll shelf  photo's plenty of room for more. To anyone who is having a birthday this month we wish you many happy returns and to anyone with a special occasion this month we hope all goes well.

Thank you to all those who have taken the time to share their doll shelf photo's with us, we really appreciate it.



  1. Just written a LONG comment (as per usual!) which got either got itself deleted or lost when I pressed the publishing key (and without taking a copy!)...and unfortunately NO time now to do a repeat comment.

  2. Thank you for publishing the photos, Dee - so I could look at new boy Erik during our holidays (when the maddening slow WiFi at the camp site allowed it). He spent them at home, making friends with the other kids.

    That's a very nice collection of Käthe Kruse children at the Village! I especially love the little "Däumlinchen". They are so cute!

  3. Wonderful to see the doll shelf photos Dee! I enjoyed every photo and surprised to see Ronny's beautiful Sasha dolls but glad they are returning. I enjoyed seeing your "other" dolls very much and it is interesting to look and then look again. Happy Birthday to everyone that has a September birthday! Thank you for a great post! :) xxx

  4. Lovely photos Dee - I too shelf photos in August but didn't manage to send them to you - ah well, maybe in October x

  5. Lovely shelves this month.....I can hardly believe that it's almost three weeks into September, where did this month go? Actually where on earth did this YEAR go????