Sunday 15 April 2018


Sunny Sunday , sort of! The sun is out there somewhere under a mass of cloud but it does mean it is brighter than it's been for a good while and it's dry at present!

Alas due to having to work Saturday and Paul not being well, we've not done any more on the garden! Just done a little pottering about the house.

When we cleared out the gazebo, one of the things I found was an American Girl bike, I'd totally forgotten I owned !

Saffron offered to see if it still worked!

She had to stick to the patio as the puppy proof gates ( some old trellis) were in place to stop Casper digging up the garden.

Casper came to check out what this strange contraption was and did he need one?

I finally found Colette's new APFS dungarees and t shirt, which I'd put somewhere safe so I could put her in them and then forgotten where I'd put them ! This was a good few weeks back!

Now if I could just find those other things I put somewhere safe I'd be so happy!

I did manage to go and clear off all the rubbish that was left on the old gazebo base and bag it up and

 dug up a holly, which had grown over at an angle, further along the fence, ready to move a lovely large bush we had at the side of the gazebo ,which I would really like to keep, into the space we've now made.
So that's a job for later in the week.

Casper received his Emma Bridgewater bowl which is enormous !  So at the moment he's using it as a water bowl.

Because I was ordering Casper's bowl I decided to do a little forward planning ....

and ordered this little matching mug, to the one the girls got me for mother day. So when Clara's bigger she can enjoy a mug of hot chocolate with Grandee when she visits.

And talking of growing ...

here's a photo of Clara from when I visited on Friday. She had her first set of injections, three, poor thing but here she is later , happily playing with Grandee and the aunts.

Now at nearly five pm and  despite the nice bright sky , it is now pouring  with rain! and turning chilly!

So since I cannot get outside to do anything I'll get on with some indoor jobs. Hopefully I'll be back again before next  Sunday, so have a great week.



  1. Wow Dee, a beautiful post. Clara is so very sweet and really growing! I love her EB mug and can imagine you two drinking hot cocoa together, the best! Casper’s dish is wonderful too. I Iove EB creations.
    Saffron looks great on the cool AG bike. Is her nice outfit by Dollydoodles? Casper appears to be a Sasha fan too. Our pups love the dolls too but I keep a very close eye on them if they are near the dolls. So far, so good! Thank you for the nice week’s wishes. Have a great one too and I hope Paul feels better soon. 😊 xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger :) I am so looking forward to sharing time with Clara as she grows :) I have to try not to look at the EB site because there is always something I would love to get! lol
      Saffron's outfit is indeed a Dolly Doodle one and I just love it one her.
      Casper seems to like the Sasha's , so I have to be very careful where they rest , just in case ...
      Thank you Paul is feeling much better now as is the weather! :) xxx

  2. So sad to hear that Paul is ill and so missing all this good gardening/outdoor working weather. Please get well soon Paul.
    Love how Saffron's DD/Lisa boots outfit matches her bike. Clever thinking!
    Smart EB bowl for Casper and in matching colours too.

    Can just visualise you and Clara enjoying hot chocolate drinks in your matching EB mugs in a few years time...or maybe even sooner the way she's growing.
    Have a good week down there. Sorry to hear about your today's weather!
    Get well wishes to Paul again.

    1. I do hate it when he's ill as he is usually very fit and healthy.

      It was a happy coincidence that Saffron and the found bike matched.But I'll take the credit ;)
      I look forward to sharing time with Clara over a cup of something lovely in the future.
      Paul is feeling much better and so is the weather! at last! :)

  3. Casper had better watch out before Saffron gets an idea of hitching him up to the bicycle. Baby Clara is certainly cute. I hope everyone's health and the weather improve. We are currently in the midst of a blizzard here. It's been snowing since Friday evening, and as of this morning we had about 15". As far as I'm concerned, winter can go away and never show its nasty little face again!

    1. Best not let saffron read that or she'll , along with the others, be getting idea's about Casper taking them all round the garden for a ride!
      Clara is :)
      A Blizzard! 15 inches! I feel for you I really do! I'd hate to have all that happening here, you must be so fed up with it!
      We have finally started to get some good weather , so I'll wish that you also turn the corner weather wise and it starts to improve and melt all that rotten snow.

  4. Great catch up - thanks. My goodness how Clara is growing and such a bright, interested expression she has. I'm sure you're looking forward to sharing that hot chocolate sitting in the garden - it won't be long!

    1. Thanks Rosie :) She is growing well and is starting to be interested and awake more which is so nice.
      The way time seems to fly these days I'm sure it won't be long before Clara and I are enjoying some hot chocolate in the garden :) x

  5. Clara is such a sweet child! It's good she quickly forgot about the injections and was playing again.
    It's also good the bike still worked and Saffron could have some fun with it. She looks very stylish in her bike matching outfit.
    I'd better not mention the weather we had yesterday... a short shower in the morning, and afterwards, sun, blue sky, warmth...

    1. I have to agree about Clara , as I am her devoted Grandee ;) So glad i found the bike it will come in handy for the Sasha kids in the summer.
      You must have sent some of that weather this way! We've had three days without rain! and it's actually feeling .... warm.......

  6. Lots going on in the Sasha Village despite Paul being unwell (I hope he's better now!) and then the rain.
    Little Clara is getting very big, and what a little cutie she is! She's going to love that mug and sharing hot chocolate with you when she's a bit bigger :)
    I really like the AG bike, it's very realistic looking, I'm glad you discovered it again, and the outfit for Colette....suits her perfectly.
    And Casper is going to be very happy to have that bowl filled with food, I'm sure of it!!!

    1. There is and thankfully Paul now much better.
      Clara is growing so fast! we'll soon be sharing those mugs of Hot Chocolate :)
      I cannot believe I forgot about that bike! and am so glad I finally found the new outfit for Colette. Casper's building up to having such a large bowl of food.. it will take him a few months yet! :)xx