Thursday, 5 April 2018


Well it looks like this year is going by in a rush! It's already April and doll shelf day!

From Gregoropolis we hare two g... Sasha's? Two Maybe Holly Bell as a friend over for the day. But you are looking lovely girls amid those beautiful flowers.

Holly Bell is complaining about all the snow that keeps falling down their way!

Daisy says she's just happy to have made it through the snow to Gregoropolis

From Ursula we have Cody and Marty , the wannabe twins meeting their new sister Quirina , whose had a good hair wash and found a lovely green dress to keep her warm until the sunshine arrives.

From Karin we have Darcy standing by a model of Tower Bridge in London, do you think she made it herself? If she did she'd have taken a long time putting all those bricks in place!

Did you make the model of Tower Bridge Darcy? ...your not telling ! I don't blame you let us wonder and our Sasha kids too, they'll then try to make one and peace and quiet will reign... well for five minutes!

In the village doll shelf, Wren's stopped by to chat to Elfine and Faith. Elfine's not happy that Wren and Faith have new dresses while she , an Elf Princess, is left in rags! Elfine you are wearing a very lovely dress not a rag! Mmm she's not listening ! These Elf Princess can be so  so royal!

Over in Canada Carol's girls are still waiting for their dresses to go with their pants and new knitted socks and scarves!

Carols sweet Inuit girl is enjoying the cold weather being nice and snug in her coat with her Puppy in her backpack.

Carol's Sasha girls are not impressed that these dolls are dressed for the Arctic while they stand about freezing watching their dresses cut and just waiting for a trip under the sewing machine!

It's all the talk in Carol's tea rooms on the other shelf, they are lovely and snug sipping tea and eating cake!

Thank you to everyone sending in their photos. Still time for any later comers to be added. Just send them in.



  1. What happened to that really long and nice comment that I wrote regarding these first two Gregoroplis photos when they first appeared by mistake on Monday the 2nd?
    Many thanks to Daddy Steve from Gregoroplis, Ursula, Karin and you, Denise, for these great Sasha April shelf photos. A super extra Sasha fix for me.

  2. Poor Elfine! Several girls here agree that a dress becomes a rag as soon as your sister wears a newer dress!
    Thank you for all the lovely photos. Wish I had a Tower Bridge model for my kids to build...
    With two girls at Gregoropolis, the boys' life will never be the same.

  3. Lovely shelf photos and many thanks to all who shared them. Where is the time going? 😊 xxx

  4. Lovely photos and once again I forgot to send you some!
    Those girls in just their knickers did make me feel cold though....they are so very patient!