Monday 11 February 2019


The year before last I found a bear on ebay that was the perfect, so I believed, present for a good friend. When he arrived I set him aside meaning to send him on in time for Christmas.

But being me I missed the dead line , then had second thoughts about if getting a second hand bear would be an acceptable gift, so he sat about in my bed room chatting with the other bears, then this Christmas just gone I decide yes , he would be a nice gift and brought him downstairs only to realise that one of his foot pad's had come open and his stuffing was on show.

So I placed him on the side intending to repair him, then decide if he'd still be an acceptable gift once repaired.

Well then I was ill and one thing led to another and it was now January when I went looking for him to repair... but he was nowhere to be seen! I did not LOOK properly , just looked around the sides wondering where he'd gone, maybe I'd put him in a bag or box when clearing up for Christmas!

Then a couple of weeks ago I returned from work and Paul came up to me and said  " is this your bear? "
He was holding the captain !
"Where did you find him ? "
" I took him off Rufus who had him out in the garden  " !!!

And there was the Captain ! Missing his label and with not just the stuffing spilling from his foot but also both paws! His jumper pushed up round his neck and muddy from his time in the garden. BUT he was not wet! So obviously had only been taken outside a little while before he was discovered by Paul !

** re enactment photo **

Rufus " Hello Captain ! Have you come to play in the garden again? "
Captain " No chance I remember the last time ! I'm still waiting to be repaired and have my sweater washed! "
Rufus " Oh I had such a great time ! Maybe when you feel better "
Captain muttering under his breath " no chance !"

This was the only thing needing repair before the Captain met Rufus !

Now his paws need saving

One is worse than the other!

I am amazed how Rufus  managed to get his sweater off his arms and up round his neck!
The sweater needs washing and the Captain a wipe down.

His sweater was washed and put outside for a while to help with the drying.

One paw was 'save-able ' and I managed to sew it back together but could need a pad at a later date.

The other Paw could not be repaired, so a piece of brown felt was used to repair the hole.

The heel of his foot pad was replaced leaving his makers mark on view. The repairs are not brilliant , as normally I'd be able to hide any stitches but due to  having to try and get the needle through the old double hem at the side and having to sew the repair in place, it's not too bad.

So the Captain's had a wipe over and is just waiting for his sweater to dry and then he'll be a happier bear than he was a few days ago.
And he's decided on a new name , now he wants to be known as Captain Patches  !



  1. Looks like he's really been through the WARS here! Naughty Rufus!
    A smart and appropriate new name.

    1. Poor Captain had ,luckily he was not too badly damaged

  2. You need a good whopping Dee, how could you??? Bear's feelings get irreparably damaged when they are neglected like that . . . I'm really amazed that Captain Patches even bothers to speak to you now!! How would you like to be dragged out in the mud and have your hands chewed?? You are just lucky this wee bear has a forgiving nature. :)
    Big hugs,

    1. I didn’t take him out the garden! He may have gotten bored waiting about and taken himself outside for some fresh air and a look around!
      Plus that Rufus when he gets up in his back legs is probably same size as me ! So I can only take 50 % of guilt 😉
      Captain was very quiet for a few days I think he was in shock but now you cannot keep in quiet for telling his Tale of fighting off the beast and living to tell the tale... the other bears have now taken to hiding if they see him coming, only old Diggory stays to listen and that’s cos he forgets what’s been said so each time it’s told it’s all new to him 😀 hugs xx

  3. Dee! You beast! The RSPCB (Ronny's society for the prevention of cruelty to Bears) is on the case..I am packing a bag and ready to fly down and rescue poor old Captain Patches!

    1. The RSPCB...... is this the same RSPCB that stood by while a certain Lonely's little tartan ted was thrown around and tied up ? Should that not read RSPCBAG Ronny's Society for the Prevalence of cruelty to Bears and young girls?
      Some how I don't think Captain Patch would go with YOU willingly ... ;)

  4. (Giggle) You have an answer for everything.... I am watching you :)

    1. Of course I do .. :) Now that is a scary thought.... ;)

  5. That little face is just precious.

  6. Oh dear, I have a Chihuahua here that would do the very same thing...she's destroyed several things in the past! But you've done a fine job of repairing him and he's looking all the better for it now.

    1. I'm not used to having dogs tall enough to get to higher places ! No where is safe from Rufus!
      I am so pleased he was repairable, so not lost forever :) xx

  7. Oh poor little Captain Patches! But I'm sure Rufus only meant to take him out and show him round the garden.....

    1. yes poor Captain Patches ! Mmm just taking him outside to show him round the garden.... and I suppose he was just helping him remove his gloves not realizing they were in fact his paws? . Mmmm nice try Jen but I think he was wondering just what the Cap was made of ;)