Sunday, 17 February 2019


Time does fly when you are having fun or on holiday!  And so it has this week, has gone past in a flash, my week is now over and it's back to the world of work tomorrow!

Well the weekend, last week, started with the lovely Clara's first birthday party attended by her Mum and Dad's immediate family and everyone , including the birthday girl had a great time. She is such a sweetheart and loves being among people.
The day before she had a photo session with Sarah Fisher called a Cake Smash, Clara was photographed in front of a cake which she grabbed and enjoyed munching on while getting it all over herself, then she was placed in a sweet small tin bath of warm water and more photo's taken.
Courtney kindly allowed me to share one of Sarah's photos.

Unfortunately her dad, then a few days later, her mum came down with a virus , thankfully they are both over it now but Paul is now feeling iffy! and so is Mike's dad ! Oh No!!!

So I was going to go visit with Clara and Courtney in the week but due to their illness did not. But it did mean that I finally got those boxes of books from under the stairs sorted! Seven boxes came out and only three have gone back.
Fifty four books are now bagged and waiting to go off to the local Oxfam bookshop for someone else to enjoy.

This inspired me to finally sort out my corner pan cupboard in the kitchen, it's one of those that half is tucked into the corner which then becomes an abyss of things never or rarely used.

and so it was that a couple of hours later there were twenty nine pots, pans, cake tins etc ready to be recycled or dumped. I have finally thrown out the four square tins I made my wedding cakes in nearly forty four years ago and have only used once since and that must be over thirty odd years ago!
Now lets not get too cocky because I'm sure a few of the pans etc that I put back in, could also have gone but twenty nine is a good start lol.

The cupboard is now nice and tidy and you can take out a tray without causing an avalanche ! How long this will last, is anyone's guess but nice while it does.

Now if I could just apply this clearing out to everything else, I'd have a clutter free home....

On the doll front, it's been a week of arrival's , some expected and other's not.

These two Schoenhut dolls were expected. They had been on layaway with another couple, which I finished at the start of the year and these are the first to arrive. I have called the toddler Eric and his sister Biddy.
I'm not sure what the name Biddy is short for? could be Brigid ? But Paul had an aunt Biddy and when this girl arrived the name came to mind and stuck, so Biddy she is.

Then of course there was the unexpected arrival of Christian, a dark skinned Caleb.

Although an unplanned purchase I am so happy with him and look forward to seeing him out and about come Spring with the other children playing and having adventures !

I'm also intending to dress all my boys by Spring in sweaters, shorts and long socks as this is going to be the village's Spring trend for clothing , courtesy of Ellen Church's photo of some of her boys dressed this way. I think it's a great classic look for boys and could be in any era. I'll also be trying this look out on some of  the girls too! The others will have skirts.

I tried the coat and hat I got in the raffle at the H&G on Biddy because it's got a thirty vibe to it.

the back

In one way it is a thing of beauty but in another it does not fit well. The hat especially is disappointing as it's slightly bunched up and does not fit the Sasha's head. If not for the embroidery on the hat I'd be tempted to unpick it and try and resolve the problem. I may yet give it a go at some time.
But I do love the style of this coat , which is why I picked it, I'd love to find the pattern used and have a go myself at making one.

I'll leave you with a photo of Christian, in his on trend Spring outfit because I think he looks so smart and handsome. He started the photos on this post too because who wants to start with a photo of old pot's but then I was able to remove it when I got permission to put Princess Clara's photo on.

We have been having some wonderful mild sunny days here in the south of the UK and they say it's going to continue for a while yet! All the daffodil and tulip leaves are appearing along with the other Spring bulbs, hopefully we won't have this mild weather followed by two months of what should be spring acting like winter as it did last year! 

So I wish you all a lovely doll filled healthy sunny week ahead.



  1. Trying NOT to look at all these new dolls arriving, never mind comment, on this post...
    but have to honestly say that I don't think that I have ever quite known anyone like YOU who seems to say one thing and then do exactly the opposite!!!
    Must never be a dull moment over there in The Sasha Village!

  2. I say I’m not going to buy anything in the hopes i won’t and since Christian is only the second Sasha , after Margo , that I have bought in the last Six months I’d say I’m not doing too bad even if I didn’t survive February. I did mention I had some other dolls that would be appearing this year. I must take affence at the saying one thing while doing another ! I can only be tarred with this in relationship to a Sasha doll buying , it’s like they wait until I am trying to be good and then appear , so maybe a large pinch of salt should be taken whenever I say no dolls !
    It’s never dull round here in the village as no one , especially me knows what will happen next !

    1. Was so taken aback by all these dolls arriving that I completely forgot to say belated happy first birthday wishes to Clara plus get well wishes to those of your family who have unfortunately caught this nasty virus bug that is still hovering around.
      Thank you for this weeks good wishes. I'm especially loving the lighter mornings and longer daylight days.

    2. Thank you for Clara's birthday wishes. Hopefully everyone's now well.
      These sunny warmer days are lovely and yes now it's brighter in the mornings, it does lift the spirits.

  3. My word - three new kids in the village, you don't fall off the wagon by halves!
    I've tried to find out where the name Biddy came from as we had an Irish setter called Biddy, when I was very small - apparently red biddy is a 'drink' made from wine and meths - doesn't bear thinking about!!
    Happy birthday to the beautiful Princess Clara, doesn't time fly. She has such wonderful bright eyes, lovely little girl.

    1. Lol Only One was a 'new' buy the others were on a layaway and just arrived in Feb.
      I finally did some research and Biddy is short for the Irish Brigid/ Bridget, thank goodness , as I'm sure Paul's Aunt did not partake of the wine with meths !! at least I hope not!
      The Princess Clara thanks you for her birthday wishes :)

  4. I thought the first picture was of YOU eating cake...having been photo shopped first I might add...didn't realise it was your lovely grand daughter Clara :) What a pretty girl she is!

    1. Well we could be twins 😱😉 so an easy mistake lol. I have to agree she is a pretty little thing 😀

  5. What a great photo of Clara, photographers these days are so much more imaginative than they were in my day! ;) It looks like she enjoyed the cake, a girl after my own heart!
    Well you are slowly filling your home with more of the Schoenhut dolls, and these two are nice examples of these vintage wooden dolls.
    And of course little Christian is delightful, such a handsome boy.
    As for your pan clearing, I've been doing the same but haven't got as far as having a tidy cupboard yet....mine is still the avalanche of shiny metal as soon as I open the door to get something out!!! :)

    1. They do have great set ups for taking photos today , the bath tub ones are so nice!
      Yes the Schoenhut dolls are trying to complete with the Sasha’s but the Sasha’s are still top doll!

      Christian is a great new addition to the village
      How long the cupboard will stay tidy is debatable but it’s nice while it lasts 😀 xx

  6. Clara is so pretty and it is hard to believe a year has past! What a darling girl. ❤️

    I love your new additions and especially your Caleb who has a fantastic face. A great post! 😊 xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, The 1st year as gone so fast! She's now walking well and saying more words!

      I'm glad I fell off the wagon for Christian , he is a handsome lad :) xx

  7. Clara is certainly a cutie, and it looks like she had a fabulous time. I admire your diligence at clearing out and organizing your kitchen cupboards. I can never understand how we all accumulate and hang on to these things that we think we need, but never use. Biddy makes me think of the character in Great Expectations. I think the sweater/shorts combo is a great look for the boys and will definitely be 'on trend' this year.

    1. Thank you being a doting Grandee I have to agree with you :)
      I agree that we have things for years , that never see the light of day unless we are moving them to find something else! But still we put them back !
      I'm slowly getting the 'it must go' habit if it's not been used for years just hope I can keep it up !
      Yes that name Biddy does make you think of a kind helpful person.
      I'm glad you agree the sweater shorts combo is good for this spring 'on trend' now if I can just use what I have and resist my thought's that are demanding certain colours for certain boys....