Saturday, 2 February 2019


Today was the First Haggle and Gaggle event held in a village hall in Milton Keynes. Now being in February it was always going to be dicey weather wise and so it was because the country had a blanket of snow fall on Thursday !
But luck shone in that Saturday , dawned cold but dry, so everyone was able to get to the hall without mishap.

The theme for the display was Valentines and this wonderful Hot air balloon was suspended over the display.

It seemed they'd taken off before everyone was on board! Luckily the baby was stuck between the rungs of the ladder ! The Hot Air Balloon made by Theresa.

Lots of Valentines were meeting up to enjoy the day.

Lots of hearts and flowers were on show

A flower seller was available for those who needed  a rose for their loved one.

You could buy your love an ice or a hot dog

Even the youngest were feeling the love..

Cards were exchanged

Some enterprising young Gregor was making a mint at his kissing booth!

 and more

..... meanwhile

The doll adoption table was full of darling children waiting for a new mum or dad.

 and a few did find new homes.

The sales tables were full of goodies to purchase, i didn't hear any haggling? This was Jane's

full of wonderful knits.

and lovely trifles.

This mini selection is my table, I'd taken a few things for Michelle , my sister, and due to not having been well recently , had not had any time to add anything of my own.

Rosie Bloomfield's table was next to mine and full of wonderful shoes which were so tempting.

Alas I have almost all the colours shown apart from the orange and I don't do orange !

Rosie also had lots of lovely clothes for sale,

 more of Rosie's.

Dawn's table was full of lovely outfits.


and a couple of very cheaply priced dolls.. but I cannot buy dolls this month......drat..

Then lastly Jane D's table full of lovely clothes , furniture and china.

next the raffle prizes

lots of wonderful prizes to win.

There was an international raffle which was called live on FB.

 so many donations an extra table was needed to display them all.

 more raffle

more raffle



and more

 and the food

I had a great time catching up with everyone and winning a few raffle prizes and was very good and only bought a couple of things. I'll share them tomorrow.

I would like to Thank Petrana, Theresa and their lovely helpers who made the day so enjoyable and worked so hard.

Alas I had to leave quite early due to one of my car head light bulbs failing, so had to get back before it got dark and I'd need it.

A lovely day to break up the winter months. Well done to everyone for making it worth their time by attending and spending.



  1. Thanks Dee for taking the time to take all those photos for us 'stay at homes', great turn out and want a superb selection of visiting dolls...I love the balloon! And what a fantastic selection of sales tables and raffle prizes! Wonderful job Petrana and Teresa

    1. It was a great day out and Petrana and Theresa did a great job and raised a fabulous sum for the children's home

  2. What a wonderful event! Lovely prizes, tempting things to buy, food! What more could one ask for? I loved the doll display. That flower cart was amazing! I was very excited to see your number called in one of the FB videos. Would love to have been there, although my girls would have insisted on shoes in every color.

    1. It was. The flower cart was special and so well made.
      I'm regretting not splashing out on at least one pair of shoes!
      You would have had a great time and been skint at the end but happy :)

  3. Rather HARD... BUT so wonderful to see up close at just what I had to miss through my continuing ill health. Loved all those magnificent MAIN raffle prizes through the supreme generosity of the hosts, Petrana and Theresa.
    The Valentine table and magnificent hot air balloon displays by Theresa were superb. Such time and craftsmanship involved.

    The donated raffle prizes that were so generously gifted by our kind collectors were a delight to see and must have been really hard to chose from if you were one of the lucky winners.

    All that freshly made food looked totally scrumptious and was beautifully displayed. (After seeing all that on my laptop I suddenly felt hungry so had to quickly go into my kitchen and search out some food for myself!)
    Loved the fact that there was a special H&G cake too.

    Alan's live streaming was a real treat to those of us unable to attend. I felt that I could have almost been there.

    Many thanks Denise for taking and sharing these fabulous photos. Can't believe that you couldn't buy any of Rosie's shoes (especially as you were sitting right on the adjoining sales table!) on account of you already having ALL those colours!
    Looking forward though to seeing what you did buy or win later today on your Sunday's catch up post.

    1. It was a great day, you would have loved it! But I know you'd have been wanting to get your dolls into the balloon for a photo shoot! :)

  4. What a lovely event Dee, and it must have been nice for you to be on the other side of the occasion this time! I love the balloon and the display and the shoes by Rosie, wow, you were very strong to be able to stop yourself from duplicating some of those gorgeous colours!
    I look forward to seeing your raffle prizes and purchases really soon.

    1. It was and I now wish I'd bought at least one pair! lol :)

  5. Oh it looks like a super day Dee, wish I could have been there!
    Big hugs,

    1. It was and you'd have had a great time :) xx

  6. Thanks for sharing this event! The doll displays were wonderful! :)