Sunday 3 February 2019


Well January made it's mark by leaving with a big blast of snowy weather across the UK.

The front drive on Friday morning.

This is my car , even though it was under the car port!

Thankfully we only had the one burst of snow here and by Saturday , the day of the Haggle and Gaggle , the roads were clear , so I was able to reach the event.
It's only about 40 minutes up the road from me, so nice and close and it was a fun day. There is truly nothing like meeting up with a group of like minded people and chatting and sharing time together.

It fills you with enthusiasm for your dolls again.

I loved seeing Theresa's Hot Air Balloon display as years back, when I had a doll called Duncan, he wanted to be an adventurer and I'd bought a suitable basket and a blow up beach ball with which to make him a Hot Air balloon, but like everything else, it as sat around waiting to happen and now seeing Theresa's and chatting to her about how she formed her balloon, it's filled me with plans to finally get mine sorted out and come the summer adventures will be had!

This is my Hot Air Balloon basket which as been waiting for years to come to life! The handles can just drop inside out the way. So I will need to slowly work on this over the coming months , so it finally happens! It's even hanging up just waiting for it's balloon!

I was very lucky and won four raffle prizes. Some small wicker furniture which is for my smaller non Sasha dolls and three items of clothing.

I'd seen the coat and hat on the far right when looking at the raffle tables, so was happy that it was still there when I won.

I stuck to my five item limit for purchases , in fact I only bought three things, the luscious pink cashmere baby set and a Christmas dress set and some cropped trousers by Michelle.

I was a very lax saleswoman and left my table after the first 30 mins and four sales  and just went off chatting, so the other items Michelle sent for sale, I have added to my sales page and if anyone's interested you can purchases them by contacting me.

We were given a goody bag! It had a skirt and tights kindly made by Petrana and a heart shaped Balloon and a pen, sorry missed pen from photo!. Most unexpected and generous gift.

I was very slack in taking photos of some other dolls that came along, Catherine bought a couple of her Little Darling dolls which were dressed in her beautiful knit wear. But tat's the problem when you are having a great time chatting , you don't think to take photos.

In the week Paul made some bread rolls, I forgot to take a photo of them until I was sitting at work having taken a bite!

I have to say they were gorgeous . so I am encouraging him to make more ;)

On the home front  nothing's happened, the boxes are still filling up the hall and all's come to a halt re the bad weather and working!and now a month's passed!

However even though no books have been taken off for donation , I have bought a couple ! So that's not really working well ! lol

So now the H&G's over I'll be advertising the Chat n Snap for this year, in the next day or so .

It's also time to remind everyone that on the 5th is Doll photo day, so get those photos in or we'll be looking at a blank page !

Hoping everyone has a lovely healthy week and that the weather warms up everywhere but especially over the pond.



  1. Sounds like you had a great time Dee...but my goodness that snow! Thank goodness it had cleared a bit by yesterday.
    You did well in the raffle and good on you that you didn't overspend or go over your self set limit of purchases.

    1. I did have a lovely time, there is nothing quite like chatting with friends.

  2. Proud of you sis....such restraint at the H&G :) Bitterly cold here in Bonnie Scotland but no snow like you sasanachs are having at the moment....but I am sure we will get some...have had a new gas boiler installed this week so I am ready....:)

    1. I Know , it must be a first! lets hope it doesn't rebound and I land up spending like a mad woman come March.. lol
      I'm surprised you need a boiler Queenie I thought you'd moved up there for the cold icy weather ;)

  3. Your driveway looks very picturesque in the snow... as unfortunately does you car!
    I saw you winning the cane wicker chairs in the raffle although couldn't quite see exactly what the other items that you choose were.

    I'm wondering now if you are regretting such restraint in your spending as these fantastic Sasha opportunities only come up once in a while. Myself I would have definitely chosen another month in which to Sasha diet.
    Hope that you are feeling much better and that you've had your car front lamp fixed.

    1. It did , until I drove over it to get to work!
      I do regret not buying some of Rosie's shoes (but not the orange !) But I went with a budget which vanished pretty quickly but at least I didn't come home having to send paypal payments for any over spend :)
      Next time I'll make sure it's not February or a month of a doll event I do a no buying !
      My lamp was sorted on Sunday but the sore throat is still here!

  4. I can see Saffron as a hot air balloonist. She seems like an adventurous girl. Perhaps Toby could be her co-pilot, but then again, that might not be such a good idea ;-). You picked up some nice stuff at the H & G. I think everyone's motivation will return with better weather.

    1. Snap! Yes Saffron's been eyeing up that basket in the studio for a while and now she's seen the one that was at the H&G ! Well she spending her days drawing diagrams on how it's to be made! Heaven help us if Toby goes anywhere near that Balloon once it's ready...
      Yes lets hope the better weather comes soon!

  5. I like the idea of a hot air balloon, but I reckon with that shaped basket you could make a blimp!! :) You were lucky to have won so many raffles and get the coat set you had your eye on.

    Thanks so much for sharing all the fun of the Haggle and Gaggle with us.
    Big hugs,

    1. Ha ha I did consider that ! But I Love Hot air Balloon's so it will be one of those.
      I was lucky to win so many times on the raffle.

      Glad you enjoyed seeing the photos. Hugs x

  6. What a great day you all had Haggling and Gaggling! Your personal haul of prizes looks great - well worth the trip and you were SUCH a good girl, keeping personal spending in better control than I probably could have managed. It was great that the snow vanished in time for you to get there safely.

    Paul - we need yummy rolls down here - our local baker has closed down and I'm missing good bread, so do you fancy uprooting Dee and becoming a master baker around here? Please? No? Oh dear.

    How's the cold, Dee?
    Hope you are better.
    J xxxx

    1. I did, yes a great haul and I was unbelievably good!

      Paul does make such nice bread :) but I don't think he'd want to make enough to fill a shop!
      I now just have a sore throat! xx

  7. I am glad that the roads were clear and that you had a good time Dee! Nice winnings and purchases. Paul is a great guy and talented in many areas! A yummy sandwich! Have a great weekend! ❤️ xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger. It was a lovely event and lots to tempt people.
      Paul's just too clever for his own good, now he's got to make us rolls every week ;)