Monday 20 May 2019


The woods are big..

The trees tall and cover miles of ground...

 and look who is wandering through this shadowy place...

Keeping hold of his bag containing his very small stock of food, having already eaten most of it on his journey, Toby keeps a watch while he walks.

What this? wonders Toby heading towards it.

Shelter ! Toby stops and looks around... it's very quiet... was that a stick breaking? Maybe he'll keep walking until he gets out of the forest!

It seems a little brighter ! I must be getting closer to the edge ! Thinks Toby happily.

Hopefully It won't be long now says Toby out loud.

Why did I not just call for Mum ! Zak chastises himself ! I'm starving hungry , my feet are sore and I'd fed up !

Realising Toby hurried on while he's been daydreaming of a big fat burger with all the trimming, he wearily heaves himself over the fallen tree and follows behind.

 after another half an hours walking Toby finally settles down for a rest.

His bag is now empty but his tummy is rumbling. "this adventuring lark is hungry work! I wish i'd packed more food and money "
"Me too!"
Toby shakes his head... he was sure he heard someone agree with him! He looks around but no ones in sight!
It must be because I'm so hungry he decides, I'll just rest a few more minutes , then head to the road and thumb a lift!

Zak tummy is so hungry it's too weak to rumble , he wished he could remember what berries one could eat if lost in the woods!

Zak's so tired his eyes start to shut and he snuggles down against the tree, maybe he'll just have a quick five minutes rest while Toby sits around. Within seconds he's breathing deeply and out for the count.
Mean while Toby's decided he wants to find a lift before it gets too dark and has started walking towards the road, Zak dreams of a table covered with high tea, cakes and biscuits, tea and lemonade, his stomach makes a big growling sound... he almost wakes but no just one more cake ....he dreams...



  1. Oh dear, I have the feeling Toby is going to nick off and leave poor Zak sleeping alone in the woods. Whatever are we to do about these adventurous boys!

    Love the woods Dee, are they near where you live?
    Big hugs,

    1. lol, the woods are in Norfolk where we've just had a long weekend away :) x

  2. Bless their hearts! You don't know whether to yell at them or hug them.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a big adventure Toby has (unwittingly) lead himself and Zac on!! I love the photos Dee, they're very realistic...and I love these two boys as you know!