Wednesday, 8 May 2019


Well we are part way through the first of the May bank holidays. I've spent the last week getting things to enable Paul , with a little help from me, to get more of the kitchen sorted.
Of course on my wandering I've come across things for other jobs that need do be done around the house later... I know one job at a time but one should always keep a look out for things that are needed in case you miss them.

 and that's why I came across this gorgeous wallpaper in Madder and gold. I am considering it for the hallway.
It came about because I've been watching this fabric on Ebay and wanted to see if it also came in the same colourway in wallpaper.

 I want to have a touch of yellow in the hallway and loved that this fabric also had red, however it does not have this combination in the wallpaper and the ones it does have just won't do but it was while I was looking at this that I found the one above it. So at the moment the first one at the top is now high on the list of possible hallway wallpaper ! Thankfully the fabric's found a good home, so I won't need to buy it just because I loved it!

The Hague blue paint arrived along with the undercoat and what a difference, the undercoat went on smooth and even and a first coats been put on the drawer backs.

On another point , I love my cupboard handles and now I have more cupboards I needed to buy some more. So naturally we found them from the original sellers and placed an order only to be told they have been discontinued ! I was a little annoyed because it said they had them available on their website!

So there I was, now having to consider new handles.... should I go sleek and modern or try and find something more traditional ? Then Saturday last , while talking to Paul , I thought I'd check Ebay, put in the name of the supplier and handles and up popped one listing for seven of them ! So I hit the buy it now button and now we can stay with our preferred handles and won't have to try and agree on a new design.

Paul is today getting the wood for the top cupboard doors, so they can be fitted, primed and painted over the coming week/ weekend, time allowing. But he did finish the drawer fronts last night and fitted the handles this morning, so we can see how it will look.

So a tiny glimpse of what it could all look like once it's all been done. I'm pleased to see the blue Hague showing through as at times it's looked almost a dark grey but this photo was taken today when the weather is quite dull outside and this unit is to the side, so no direct sunlight.
Will still need to see it all on mass once the upper doors are painted to be sure the blue shows up or it could be back to the paint charts.......

Still not had any doll time but I live in hope , that I'll get my act together when I have days at home and not working.

I did managed to get my act together to take a few photos for doll day on the fifth. Saffron and Christian were so happy to get outside !

Christian's looking forward to some warmer weather so he can get outside with his new brothers and sisters and explore the garden.

He's seen what the dogs have done to the grass in the flower garden and wonders just when someone's going to try and save it!  I've not told him , he and his brothers will be put to work pulling weeds and raking it over ...

Well I hope you are enjoying this week , speak soon



  1. Everything is looks really good, and how fortunate that you were able to find matching cabinet handles.

    1. We were very lucky to find those handles :)

  2. Those are great handles Dee, I'm glad you were able to find some more to match.
    The grass looks like the boys have been playing rugby on it! I assume you're not doing the garden open day this year or my goodness, you're going to have your work cut out for you. But I'm sure the Gregors will be able to make something of it really soon for you! ;)