Saturday, 25 May 2019


It looks like Toby's arrived somewhere!

He checks the door and finds it's open...

He finds the table set for afternoon tea! Yum

Going into the kitchen he climbs up onto the window ledge and looks outside.

 He can see Dad in the garden with Rufus and Casper! How did he know they were here?

Watching he wonders if he should announce his arrival now? or go find somewhere to rest and wash his face?

At the same time, Zak , who managed to get out of the car while everyone was busy with the dogs watches through the garden gate.

He spots Toby looking out the window! How did he get here? He was sure no one else was hiding in the car!

Zak decides to climb the gate and sneak through the shrubs and plants to the back door , which is wide open.

Zak gets in and watches as Toby wanders round the hallways looking for a bed!

Creeping down the stairs Zak follows.

This door looks promising , thinks Toby

Reading the sign on the door, Toby says " Well thank you , I'm most happy to come aboard!"

Seeing the lovely big comfy bed Toby smiles" This will do nicely " he dumps his bag, climbs up and settles down for a long sleep. Zak grumbles as he settles down on the rug !He stomach rumbling...both fall asleep instantly.

and this is where Mrs Mum, whose received a call about two missing young villagers, finds them ! I won't show you the aftermath of this just tell you that there were tears, Zak's , red cheeks Toby's and a big dinner for one and a small crust of bread and jam for the other along with being banned from leaving the house for a month except to attend school !
All ended well but it could have been so different!


Alas not as adventurous as I'd hoped but I learnt that having two large excited dogs about can make it hard to get lots of photos , so I hope these few posts have at least given you all a flavour of Toby's Adventure and Zak stress ;)



  1. A happy ending, I'm so glad! The boys are now safely back with their family, and let's hope they've learned a lesson from this.
    Looks like you've been on holiday Dee, that place looks lovely, just must tell us all about it and where you went :)