Monday, 13 May 2019


Well another busy week , on Tuesday a stone hit my windscreen as a van passed me on the other side of the road and it made a loud noise, I couldn't see any damage but when I arrived at work , my windscreen had a long crack in it , in the middle at the bottom.
Of course I had to wait until Friday for it to be fixed, so missed a chance to visit my granddaughter and my daughter.

I'd intended to get some doll photos this weekend but alas the garden called me! Above is the tree peony's first full open flower.

The garden is thriving along with the weeds! Paul came out after I took these photos and cut the grass which so needed cutting and then by the time we'd tied this rose back, cut the that plant , emptied that pot, trimmed a bit of that hedge, pulled up some weeds,  the day was gone.

So wishing you all a lovely healthy week ahead.



  1. What an exquisite peony - I love the color. I've also been doing a lot of weeding/tidying up, as well as assessing the damage done by the -30 degree temps we had this winter.

  2. That is such a pretty peony, a lovely colour.
    Sorry to hear about your windscreen, but even more sorry that you couldn't visit your daughter and Clara. I hope you will see them really soon though.

  3. Oh dear- hope the windscreen repair was covered by insurance.
    How is little C? She must be quite a big girl now. Gaul is waving and insisting she is still "his" baby with white hair.
    I love your peony - ours are all dark red ones and, as yet, refusing to bloom. I like the slightly overgrown grass look but B is busy strumming and mowing half of Radnorshire into submission -it's an American thing, he says, he was raised to want to tame the prairies.