Thursday 15 February 2024


 At present!. It is slowly  coming together but the light is a mere dot at the end of the tunnel!

This is my beloved larder cupboard, that I made Paul move from the breakfast/dinning area of the room into this kitchen space. I love this cupboard, which Paul made for me  to my design, with it's bi-fold doors and cherry wood shelves. I had a small dilemma today wondering if I should forsake my larder cupboard for a bigger maybe floor to ceiling step in one, where we could keep the toaster and coffee machine plugged in and ready for use along with the mixer etc.

However when working out what space would be left between a walk in cupboard and the side of the fridge freezer on the right hand wall , to enter via the kitchen door, it would be not a lot along with the fact that the walking cupboard would remove the openness of the space. If it was reduced in width, it could work but may be harder to enter and would still remove the openness of the space in the kitchen.

After talking it over with Paul, we decided to get rid of the coffee machine instead! ( I don't drink coffee and the machine only gets used now and then) so the cupboard is saved ! and will just have a makeover.

Phew! Mind you there are still things that need a home! But it's slowly getting there.

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