Friday, 15 July 2011


Lets start with how all Sasha's, Gregors and babies could be advertised for the next few months in order to allow us all to rest the bank balance from teetering on the brink...

A bag on the head would allow us to look but pass by....yes I can hear you all now..'I wonder what she looks like? are her eyes blue/brown/green? her outfit is nice i could just purchase her for that alone! Her eyes are very fine, yes i must buy her'.....Ok I surrender it was an idea abet not a good one.....for once hooked nothing will stop a sashaphile from a purchase This ability of Sashas to all appear different despite all having the same moulded face is uncanny and what makes their appeal so strong.

I have a middle sized? collection now and upon occasion I look at one of the more expensive dolls on Shelly's site or ebay and think I could sell these four/five and buy one of those Sasha's but when it comes to the crunch and I pick up one of them, that I am considering selling, she suddenly looks lovely and sweet and I find that I like her too much to part with her and that idea flys out the window!

Then I decide I will save  money for doll, only to see a sasha that takes my eye and the next thing a purchase or layaway has occurred and the fund is still empty!! I would like to go to the Sasha festival in Stratford next year but I do not think they take a Sasha as a deposit!!!!

Next we have all the wonderful and creative craftspeople who make beautiful coats, shoes, dresses for our sasha family, in lovely colours and materials that we cannot resist and another purchase is made.
Then in my case but maybe not yours we have 'props', this is what I tell my husband they are when another box arrives! Props are all the things I seem to need to make my sasha's more comfortable, sofa, chair ,bed , cups and saucers, food, skateboard, bicycle, soft toys and games etc. He has muttered the words ' How many 'props' do they need?'

Next we have my loss of the ability to count! When asked recently by my DH how many girls was that I now had? I was unable to count above a certain number which was several short of the target!! Luckily my girls are standing in various rooms and unlike a friend of mine, my DH does not go round counting them, whether this is because he has not thought to do so or because he fears to know the answer I cannot say ...and I am certainly NOT going to ask.

Although when I said I may sell a couple, he did ask me why and was against the idea ( I must confess I had not said so I could buy a dearer one).

What makes one a sashaphile?

 In my case I have always loved dolls and everything that goes with them, dressing them , sitting them comfortably ie not in a cupboard where they cannot 'see or breathe' ( several of my sasha's stand in a cupboard that I had my DH remove the doors from, AH! not for breathing purposes but because I wanted to be able to see them ! what is the point in owning a Sasha if she is where you cannot see her)  sasha's are not baby dolls, they are children which is a big difference. I have always loved miniature things , so can indulge with  their accessories. I have always been a story teller ( No not a liar) I told my children stories from my head when they were growing up, also my nieces and nephews, I write stories and even have that unpublished book tucked away. From my photo's you can see that I like to tell little stories with my Sasha's and Gregors .
I love the wonder of little children when you make magical thing happen for them, I once left a trail of shining new pennies that led my nieces to some books that the book fairy had left for them . I have taken imaginary tea with lots of little ones over the years as no doubt you have also done and we will still be sipping that imaginary tea in years to come.
And I am at heart a collector. So have collections of this and that and  this is why I could not stop at just one Sasha and one Gregor!!
To me they all have their own peronalities and some are seen as older or younger than others ( nothing to do with they real age) ie Duncan is the eldest boy and Toby the youngest, Adam is the fashonista of the boys must look good at all times!

Well that is some of the reasons i'm nuts..oops I mean a sashaphile, what are yours?


  1. Thanks Dee;
    I know now: I'm not alone.

    (In german 'Probs' means 'Problems' - and I just have one if trying to explain another doll to dear hubby - will translate your words, perhaps this helps.)

  2. So true Dee, once a collector always a collector I think and as you say they are all so different :-)

  3. I love the thrill of waiting for the parcel to arrive and then opening it up to reveal a new Sasha to join the family...trouble is after I have done that I have to find another to have the thrill of opening the box.......:)

  4. So true, the thrill of receiving another Sasha in the post. My postman said to me today that i had not had many parcels recently, i told him i was being good, then i rememberd and said Oh there is one more parcel coming..... i do believe he groaned!