Saturday, 30 July 2011


Well Ladies and Gents, I was hoping to put some pictures on of my refurbished cupboard but when hunting for some paint the only colour found was almost the same colour that it already was!, so after a further search a very nice pale green was discovered but it's gloss paint, so is drying as I type! So a slight hiccup there, then I was taking some picture's of some sasha items to list on ebay, due to the free listing today when I dropped the Camera!!!!!! Now it keeps telling me that it as a lens error and for me to turn off, which I have done but it stills says the same!! I even removed the sellotape that hold the batteries in but still nothing!!!

But DH as just arrived from tiling the lychgate roof and looked at camera and told me I have knocked the lens sideways but then he fixed it!!!!!! What a Star!!! I had visions of having to buy a new camera, DH does have a camera but it's an all singing and dancing one, I like sweet and simple. I have two sewing machines, my sweet and simple one, press the pedle and pay attention and the one my Daughter bought that does not have a pedle! you press the button and it starts sewing! I'm convinced that I could leave the room and return hours later to find it's made complete outfits! ( if only) it just sings and dances while I try to keep up!
I have a mobile, it's pay as you go, it takes me over a year to use up the twenty pound credit! DH's mobile can connect to internet, take photos and he can read email's!!! Now that one I would not mind, I did use it to check my bid on a Sasha while I was away for a few maybe it's best I do not have one!! I'd be at work with my phone poised telling the cutomers that could they just wait for one mintue , while I put in that last second bid!!!!!!!

What started all this was me sorting out my Sasha clothing! Well I did not realise quite how much I have ! Some is /was still in the packet's I received them in! very bad , so I have taken them all out. Then I realised that the boxes I keep them in are Full, so I have just been out and bought three more boxes so that I can organise them into knit wear, gregors clothes, dresses etc and then hopefully it will be easier to find things for them to wear and dispite all this I still only managed to find a few things to sell! The problem is that you buy them clothes you Like, so when you decide to thin their wardrobe, you rediscover all the clothes you liked, so then you cannot bring yourself to part with them...very catch 22..All us ladies know this from our own wardrobes ! the clothes we love, will get back into, only worn once but too good or expensive to give away. the only difference for sasha is they don't out grow their clothes????

Well I'm off to test the camera and then I have to re-sort all the their clothes, maybe I can be harder this time...maybe.....

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