Friday, 1 July 2011


Two new sasha's have arrived just in time to help me celebrate my birthday today. One I bought as a gift to myself and the other I bought with birthday dollie pounds that i'm trusting will appear as when asked by my daughters what I would like , I requested Dollie pounds, after much rolling of eyes and the odd mutter of 'what another one' and ' i'm calling the care home!' no more was heard. The first Sasha I bought was from Shelley, I had put her on layaway a couple of months back and she arrived on tuesday. She is a Full Centre Parting 1969 blonde and to me she is so pretty and petite! I have called her Nancy after Nancy Sinatra whose record 'these boots were made for walking' was the first record I ever bought and Nancy was the name that popped into my head when I received her, so Nancy it is.

Nancy came wearing a lovely ruth dolls oufit complete with little yellow sandels and she is so little compared to the other sasha I got for my birthday. Now my second Sasha i saw just last week and it was love at first sight!! I quickly sent off email requesting purchase and happily i was in time and the Sasha's was mine..She is a OOAK by Kelly  and i spotted her on her website and went to the Ruby Lane Site to email and purchase.
Kelly calls her Suzy after a childrens book she had read to her children, being me , the name that came to mind when i bought her was Virginia, Ginnie for short, so in the Village she will become Ginnie.It took only four days for her to arrive from US and she arrived yesterday just in time for my birthday today and it is so much easier to have two dolls arrive in the same week when you can say they are birthday presents!!!!

My daughter Lindsey thinks she has a look of the pre-raphaelites about her and i must agree.Her hair is Gorgeous. She is a bigger 80's sasha and makes Nancy look tiny.

The nice thing about getting older is that you can treat yourself on your birthday and this year I have indulged myself like never before and probably never again !, i also treated my girls to some Rosie Bloom's sandels and a few dresses off the ebay site. I could not resist putting the new girls in some of the new clothes and shoes and have added some pictures below. I'm not sure if Ginnie looks better in the Under the lilacs outfit she arrived in? She may be a girl that will have to have a special wardrobe just for her!!!  I'll have to search for dresses that only she can wear.....what a trial.. Not.. Lol    Just another reason for a purchase. as if i need another reason... now if i can just find a reason for Claudia who is travelling to the village as i type ........

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  1. A very happy birthday and lovely gorgeous girls to share it with! ;-)