Sunday, 9 September 2012


Seeing Ellen Church's girl's in red reminded me that I had purchased  a few red dresses for my girl's intending to use them at Christmas for a festive look. So I went and looked for them.

Dorcas and Callie my red slate eyed girl's offered to model the first two I managed to find. The red and Black is by an ebay seller skibniewska_1960 and the plaid by Lesley of Special delivery on US E bay who makes beautiful smocked dresses .

Then I kept looking and managed to find another two.

Now we have Nancy a FCP Blonde and Bonnie a re root joining in. Bonnie's tartan dress is by ebay seller snuzz1mich62 who happens to be my sister and I cannot remember who made Nancy's lovely cord dress.

Now I was sure I had more red dresses but maybe not as I cannot find any others! So I may have been drawn away from my quest onto other things........which I must say is very easily done if it's to do with Sasha but now I have been reminded I will have to keep my eye's open for a few more.....unless I see something else that takes my fancy......


  1. Very pretty girls, Dee! Beautifully dressed too, in their red themed finery! Did you mention Christmas just now??? You do know how to frighten a girl! xxx Karin

  2. CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don't even go there.....
    Did you know there are only 106 days to go until Christmas?!

  3. Lovely today, and they will be even more so in their finery in 106 days.

  4. Thanks I did not need to know that it's only 105 days to Christmas!!! I actually bought these dresses for LAST Christmas but got side tracked! Which in fact means they are 260 days late!!!

    The problem will be will I remember to put them back on at Christmas!after all anything can happen in 105 days!!!

  5. Lovely dresses on lovely girls! Pleased to see that in-spite of the title, Nancy, your blonde FCP was allowed into the shot. (Was getting slightly concerned that another red head was going to have to purchased!)

    What a super idea as red is 'so' for Christmas! I'd be tempted to leave them on the girls if at all possible if it looks like they might get misplaced again, especially, if as you are saying, that there are now only 105 days until 2012's 25th and that's nothing in the way my life seems to fly by these days!

    They are certainly going to create a very festive scene. Am already looking forward to seeing the photos.

    Sasha love and thanks for reminding me of just how many days are left for me to start thinking of and planning for December 25th, from Kendal.