Sunday, 16 September 2012


Violet and Sapphire full of inspiration from their visit go to survey the front of the house.

Just as they thought room for improvement ! They set about finding plants in pots from the back garden that they can use.

They set to with a will and are soon ordering Dad about to fetch the pots they want while they pull them into place.

They move them from one side to the other constantly  looking for the correct spot to place them!
Violet spies a Hosta that Dad's placed on the gravel .

She decides that it is needed for their display, so poor Dad moves it onto the paving.

Sapphire stands back and Violet pushes the last pot into place.
" That's Fine " calls Sapphire to her sister.

"Are you sure?" calls back Violet " Maybe we should change this pot with the one with the pink fuchsia?"
" Come and see for yourself " she calls .

" Mmm" says Violet " not a lot of variety but then we did not know we were going to want a big selection of pots at the front of the house "

" Maybe we could find one more pot with a bit of colour?" questions Sapphire
" Yes , lets have a last look " her sister replies.

" This would look just perfect " Sapphire smiles
" Yes the splash of reds will brighten the whole area " agrees Violet
they start to drag the pot toward the edge of the table wondering where dad's got to!

"Excuse me girl's but where are you taking my pot? " Mum asks coming across the two pushing and shoving
the pot.

Violet hurries forward " We are just going to put it out the front with the other pots"
" But I like it where it is " says Mum " It's nice and bright and I can see it from the Kitchen "

Sapphire joins her sister to help her put their case for moving it. But Mum is having none of it.
" Sorry girl's the pots stays where it is " says Mum in her final no more arguing voice, she goes in search of
Dad who is probably hiding from the twins and their orders.

"Never mind " says Sapphire giving Violets shoulder a pat " Lets go and make a list of the things we need Dad to plant or help us grow for our pots for next year "
" Great Idea! " smiles Violet cheering up " We'll get him to give us a corner of the greenhouse and then we can get well ahead for next year "

The girls' go off happily making plan's, of which  in, Dad seems to play a big part....


  1. You see Dee, this is what happens when you take Sasha kids out...they go POTTY!!! :)

  2. The outing the other day has certainly made an impression on these two girls who are certainly doing a great job in making your front door entrance bright and welcoming.
    Love the way that they are already listing 'Dad's' help for the moving of the heavy planters and planning next year's display with the use of a patch in the greenhouse.
    Might even have to plan a visit to admire their next year's display.
    Sasha love from Kendal...who has enjoyed seeing them working so well together as a team with great results after only an hour or so.