Monday, 3 September 2012


I thought I would give you some more details on Arabella my new No Nose Sasha.
In my usual way I had seen No Nose Sasha's and thought they were not for me until I saw this one on Shelly's site a little while back.

I loved her pouty face but was not too keen on the bald spot at the front of her head!But Look at that pose! She looked so nice , Shelly could sell oil to the Arab's if she photographed the Barrel's!

I got Shelly to send me these two photo's and still I hummed and harred !Then I asked if she could have extra hair added at the front and was told yes this was possible.So I decided to buy her.

Once I had paid I had her sent to Alison for her Hair treatment, Alison sent me this photo.

Here is Arabella having her out of body experience but looking much less bald.

And this is Arabella when she arrived on Friday.

And here is close up once she'd had a wash and change of clothes. Still a bit sparse on top but much better than when I first saw her.

And a full length photo of her in her new Vintage sasha outfit that's been in drawer awaiting her arrival.
At one point I considered not purchasing her but then decided to go ahead as she was first No Nose I had seen that I really liked, so when she arrived I was worried I be disappointed but I was over the moon , she is  gorgeous in the 'flesh', so pretty and full of character  and I am really glad that she's now living in the Village.


  1. I always think that a majority of Gotz girls and boys don't really photograph that well and that they are so much nicer up close and personal :)Gotz are like either love it or you hate it!!

    1. I think that is true, the first one I saw was Lorraine's blonde girl, who looked a lot better than I thought she would ! and I saw a few different Sasha's and Gregor's at the festival that wetted the taste buds for a few other types :) which is not good..Lol
      I have decided that maybe if I'm not keen on NP's and especially red's maybe one will find it's way to my house!!! Lol

  2. I'm more of a Gotz Doll lover myself as I adore their different personalities that simply shine through their little faces. All right so they do often have rather sparsely rooted hair but, as we've just seen, this can now be easily rectified with our experienced re-rooters, donning a wig or just simply let them wear hats and berets. Give me their unique characters every time.
    Arabella is a delightful tot who looks fantastic in this, one of vintage-sasha's sweet open fronted outfits and JJ sandals.
    A super purchase and one that I'm sure that you'll never regret.
    Sasha love from Kendal.