Tuesday 23 April 2013


There is a small disagreement going on down the end of the garden.

" Ya a wee monster Georgie " says Drago in a huff " Ya be knowning tis my turn to be playing St. George!"
George just stands and gives Drago his wobbly lip face....
" Ock ya wee scamp ! Youse can be him this time"

Soon George is riding on Drago's back waving his lolly stick ( Mum does not allow swords!) and squealing with joy while Drago pretends to snarl and snap his great teeth and fangs!!


" Ock This reminds ma of the time Sir Cedric de Bonnicut tried ta kill ma aunt Morag !" says Drago while
George tries to chop his head with the lolly stick, oops sword!
" Aye it were a bloo..ah..nasty fight but ma aunty won fair n square! No that Sir Cedric would agree !"

" Georgie boy are ya trying to dig a wee hole in ma head?" asks Drago beginning to feel a bit sore where George is attacking him " I think it's time ya won ya wee rascal !"

Drago lays down after making sure George is off his back and moans and growls " Arrgh  St George , ya black hearted knave , I'm doone fa ya evil wretch !"
Drago closes his eyes then waits just long enough for George to start to worry then jumps up!.

George gives Drago a hug for playing with him.
" Aye young Georgie it wah nice but I no be the Dragon next year! I will be St George and save ta day!"


  1. Great fun Dee! A very clever post with adorable Baby George and the scottish accent of Drago always make me chuckle!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, it's very hard speaking with a scottish accent :)

  2. Haha what a brave little baby you have there Dee! Fighting such a ferocious dragon, I hope he gets a lollystick with lolly attached for his heroics!
    Happy St Georges Day to you all!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. At least if I give him a lolly now , he wont freeze to death as he would have last week!!
      Happy St Georges day to you XX

  3. A very happy St. George's Day to all at the Sasha Village!
    Loved the post and Scottish dialect and how baby George, on account of his name, was used to fight and slay Drago, the dragon this year. Poor Drago, he must get fed up each year of April 23rd.
    Smart use of the St. George's Cross flag as the cloak.

    1. Thank you Kendal. The little flag used for his cloak was the only one I could find despite owning two very large flags, that were put away so we would know where they are when we need them...we could not find!!!no doubt they will now appear when the day is gone!!
      Drago's Scottish accent adds to his persona, I just have to remember he is Scottish when I start writing!!
      Hope the brood had a lovely St Georges day.
      hugs Dee

  4. If George ever comes to germany, he should have a break at Eisenach.
    We got George as a city coat of arms.
    One statue and one fountain with St.George
    (and the dragon for sure:)
    A hospital and a church are named after him - much Georgerie here...

    1. This is very interesting! I may have to go for a visit one day and take Baby George to fight this dragon and meet this st george!

  5. Herzlich Willkommen :)
    (We got a holiday home here -and I'll make sure that there's a very small bed for George)

    1. I had best start making him a suit of armour so he can come and do battle with the Dragon!!