Wednesday 24 April 2013



The weather is so nice, the bench has been put out in the garden and the bears are sitting and watching the garden grow!
It is lovely and peaceful with most of the clan off at school and the babies having their afternoon naps.

Suddenly they hear a noise in the bushes!!

"Hello!" says a little voice " Why are you in the garden? are you hiding?"

" No! " says Gertie " We are not hiding! We are getting some peace ...well we were getting some Peace and Quiet!"
" Who are you? " asks Hugo politely
" Storm " she replies.

Edward looks at Mossy " It's Storm! You knew she was coming!"

" I did? " asks Mossy bewildered " When did I say that? "
" The other day, you kept saying there was a storm coming! don't you remember lad!"
" Oh Yes " agrees Mossy deciding to go with the flow " Yes yes I said a storms coming ! a storm's coming! " his voice all gruff and mysterious
Edward rolls his eye's deciding Mossy has no idea what he's on about!
Suddenly Mossy and Edward find themselves scooped up

Storm giggles and settles Edward and Mossy on her lap " This is much better " she sighs cuddling the bears.
" You is sweet bears "
" I am a Panda! " says Edward and then starts to explain the difference between bears and panda's to Storm who pretends to listen while smiling at the little sweet bears!

Diggory who has been sitting quietly beside Aimee says " I knew a child at my last house just like her ! She lived in a shed at the bottom of the garden her name was....."

" Ah her name was that's not no ahem...."
Aimee says " could it have been Storm? "
Diggory smiles kindly " Of course..not! Just give me a moment and it will come to where was I..oh ..yes ...sunny....maybe not...ah....sleet? frost?....."
Aimee's eyes glaze over and she begin's to think about what could be for tea while Diggory goes through one wrong name after another....


  1. I knew once you had a toddler you would be smitten Dee! They may not be easy to pose (and have a mind of their own like real toddlers!) but they are so
    cute and so addictive everyone needs a toodler :) Another fantastic post Dee! Love it!!

    1. This could be a slippery slope..Lol I have always wanted an Iona but then so does everyone else and I would like a boy !! at some time...
      how does that song go.....there may be trouble ahead..:)

    2. In my opinion boys don't have the cute appeal of the toddler girls..I think because they look too much like tall babies (!) but the girls are the addictive ones believe me :)

    3. This is a strange statement coming from the Ice Queen about the boys not being as cute!! as the girl's!!!! :))
      I do know what you mean but I do like the pale skinned toddler boy's but I am not in a hurry , it could just be a passing whim!! :)

  2. Another absolutely delightful little tale with new toddler Storm and Mossy, my favourite of your little bears taking centre stage.
    What more could I want to start off my day? (Was out starting on the garden yesterday now that that bitter North East wind has moved on so was too tired last night to go on the computer as I usually do.)

    Love that little bench with all the little bears lined up enjoying the peace and quiet.... plus the way that Storm takes Mossy and Edward onto her lap.

    1. Thanks Kendal. Yes now the 'warmer?' weather's arrived It's out to the poor neglected garden and so much to do, now it's all started growing!!

      I am so glad I asked about that Bench it's a great place for all the teddies to sit and wait for their call to 'action!'

  3. Your bears have such expressive little faces that gives them so much personality. But the shot with Storm and the bears is just beautiful, a great advertisement for toddlers. Sadly there isn't one living here, doubt the Sasha fund could stretch that far! Anyway it takes me all my time keeping up with the kids that are already here.

    1. Thanks Rosie.
      I do love the bears almost as additive as the Sasha's!! :)
      I must admit I had to have Storm, due to all the story lines about the Ice Queen, that will be tumbling from her innocent little lips over the coming months.. :)

  4. Mossy is definitely my favorite.
    (Growing older I shall be bit like him *g)

    Thanks Dee.
    Reeding you is good for polishing my dusty english.
    Childs and bears are talking just what I'm able to understand :)

    1. That Mossy will get too big for his boot's if he hear's that you all love him!

      Glad you can understand these story's and that it helps your English :)

  5. Awwww how sweet is this! I'm so glad to see this little girl all snuggly and happy looking with her beary friends!
    And such lovely photos too Dee!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Thanks Sharon
      I do love using the bear's and Storm I am sure will be a regular:)