Thursday 25 April 2013


I received a lovely outfit from Ruth Hartley of ruthsdolls the other day, I decided to put it on
Sophie my Gotz blonde.

Now for me on Sophie it looks a little short however I know Steve would be delighted! But I do like the colour on her , so she can wear it for a while.

Now Sophie is one of the few Sasha's I have never considered selling. I think it's because she sat on Shelly's for so long waiting for someone ( and she was looking and waiting for me) to buy her , that when I finally caved in and bought her I promised she could stay.
It could also be that she has the same colour of eyes and hair combination as my youngest daughter Courtney? may be maybe not!

These are the only later Gotz I now own and Adam ( who is a David) very nearly got sold when I listed him on ebay but when It came to take the photo, I just could not bring myself to sell him! So I believe he's staying !

On the left we have Evie, ( an Angela) who I tried again and again to buy and was always out bid until one day I struck lucky and so she came home.

She is a gorgeous Sasha BUT I am now having a rethink of my collection and her names come into the frame as a possible adoptee ! I love her when I see her but she tends to stay on the shelf and is still wearing her outfit from before Christmas!

Am I making the right decision to sell her? and a couple of the other's? Will I decide I should have kept them if they go? Will I be selling the right ones? Oh the stress!! I thought this Sasha collecting lark would be a delight!!


  1. Afraid that I can't help YOU with this decision as can hardly make my own when it comes to deciding who might like to move from here onto a new home.

    I, too, have this dress and pants set coming from Ruthsdolls, must be very shortly now as just missed the last batch. It is planned to be put on my blonde, brown eyed 1970s Gotz No-navel girl who has very similar colouring as Sofie.

    (I, like Steve, prefer the shorter lengths on my girls and have quite a few dresses that are I call definite 'bum freezers.')

    1. Well Kendal, I have had a think and she is now listed on ebay! and I have a few more I am going to put on for adoption!
      Must be the sun shining or what! But have decided to sell a few and maybe buy one in their place!!
      Just hope I do not wake up tomorrow , having sold some and think 'What have I done!!!'

      I love your blonde brown eyed No navel girl, that dress will suit her well.
      I wonder if Ronny likes the Bum freezer length , her being an Ice Queen.. :)

  2. I always stress over selling dolls too, and so do other dolly must be a doll collector thing! Almost like we're selling our kids and yet there's that sensible part of us that tells us not to be so silly, and to move them on.....and buy someone else!!! I'm in the same quandry over my only BIG bjd at the moment. Do I sell her and stick with smaller sizes or do I keep her but let her just sit and gather dust, looking pretty but unplayed with? It's a hard one. I hope your girl sells well for you Dee.
    I'm looking for a brunette girl at the moment, have been since about November......I can't believe it has taken me so long to find her!!!
    And before I ramble on any longer, I really like the new outfit. I'm another that likes the shortie dresses on the Sashas, I like their little brown legs on display!!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    1. I think we all do, from what I can see, apart from the Ice Queen who is probably sending one out into the big wide world without a moments pause, :)

      If it was sunny here maybe I's like the shorter length? nar I like them to at least reach the knee!! or as near as damn it!