Tuesday 24 May 2016


Our visitor who came for the Sasha Celebration Weekend , also brought a friend with her and she decided to make herself  at home!

What a cheek, feet up on the sofa!

Making herself right at home!

Now she's reading a book!

"Excuse me young lady , are you nice and comfy? "

"Pardon? Oh you'd quite like a muffin .. oh and a glass of milk! I see " I go off to see what I can find only to return and find her missing!

After searching the house I find her in the Sasha Studio sitting at the table...

She sighs "  I heard a Elf Princess lived here but I cannot find her! "
"Well that's because she gone away to Nottingham for the weekend, you've just missed her"

Dylan , for that's her name, studies her muffin " What's she like this Elf Princess ? "
" A royal pain at times but also she can be a sweetheart " I confide with a smile.

Dylan starts to eat her muffin " Well she's a royal pain for not being here for my visit!" she sniffs.

After her muffin she wanders out into the flower garden dragging the picnic table out into the long grass and sits down.

"Well " she grumbles " I cannot wait around forever , my plane leaves at 7 pm on Sunday and I've no intention of missing it to stay here and freeze to death!"
"Freeze !"
"Yes Freeze, I'm used to lovely warm winters and baking hot summers, not this bright sky and cool breezes ".

Hand on leg and with a sulky look , waving her other hand , she informs me all about the problems with an English summer! Since this is her first trip to England I just let her moan.

Her complaints follow me even as I back away , what time did she say her flight was ?


I love this little BJD girl but she is very hard to pose but does have a lovely feel and weight to her, Paul liked her too ! and even said I should get one like her!!!!!! But I'll have a think about her due to the posing issues. I know her mum's worked on her and managed to improve her slightly but mine would not have that work done to her, so I'll wait.



  1. She's a stunner. I need a boy like her, with those lightly oriental eyes, ready to be a buddy for OUR grandchild when he's a bit bigger and, at the rate he's going that will be soon!
    Less than 11 weeks old and jumping up and down in a bouncy chair, by the time he's 18 months we'll be putting him on a train and sending him to use up some energy helping Granny England keep bears in order at the Village!
    Who is this little muffin eater?

    1. I suppose you could wig her as a boy, if that's what you wanted, she's by Linda Macario but I'm not sure if you can still get her. You may have to keep an eye on the bjd sites for one.
      He's welcome to come see Granny England and help keep these bears under control but I fear he'll just join in and it will be him leading tem on adventures!! :)xx

  2. Oh dear how embarrassing, I didn't realise she'd been this cheeky on her visit with you Dee! If I'd known I'd have had a few words with her, that's for sure!
    She does look very much at home there I have to say! Pity she didn't get to meet your elven Princess though.... She could have put a 'good behaviour' spell on Dylan!!!

    1. She's one cheeky monkey that one! But sweet with it! :) Some chance of Elfine putting a good behaviour spell on her, I'm not sure she'd know what good behaviour is herself!! :)xx

  3. Ah, should have known who this little sweetie belongs to - she has a familiar face! You could forgive her anything and, anyway, she's not going to become a teenager ever, so giving her a little bit of her own way is fine, you won't ever have to deal with the teen sneers and demands!

    1. That's true , she'll never be a teenager, thank goodness!, so a little leeway won't do to much harm.

  4. So pleased to see that The Sasha Studio is now in action!

    1. Well It's sort of unofficial!lol but it should be by next month.. she says with confidence....