Monday, 9 May 2016


Neroli was beginning to get worried he'd have to wait out for another night! The deckchair was comfortable enough but he didn't like the being alone in the dark....

Neroli hears a light cough, looking up he finds he's no longer alone.

"Hello " says Neroli " I think it must be you I'm waiting for !"

"Really? " asks the boy " do you think I could sit down I've had such a long journey "
"Of course ! "

" So " asks the boy once he's had a rest " what's your name? and why do you think you are waiting for me? "
" My names Neroli but everyone here calls me Nero "
" Nero I like it " smiles the boy
"Thank you " smiles Nero " and I know I was waiting for you because Mrs Mum said the doll coming had never before been seen in the village and well I've never seen you before!"

"Well then you must be right because I've never been in the village before! " said the boy with a serious look " My names Bruno and I used to live in Switzerland but now I have traveled to England "
Nero interrupts " yes you came over the moon!"
" I did? " asks Bruno surprised
"Well I think so " Nero thinks " at least Mrs Mum said she was over the moon to find you ! So she must have traveled over the moon , so therefore you must have traveled over the moon to get here!" finishes Nero happy with having worked it all out.
Bruno smiles softly " Well maybe I did then, should we go in and tell Mrs Mum I've arrived? I'd quite like some clothes to wear it's starting to get chilly "

Nero jumps down and pulls Bruno from the chair " Come on lets go meet everyone !"


 Well Mrs Mum is indeed over the moon to have found and won this fabulous all wooden Pongratz boy.
When I came across him I figured he go for quite a bit of money as a new mint doll would set you back over £1200 and although he's got a bump or two and a 'birthmark' on his forehead he is still a lovely example of these handmade Elizabeth Pongratz dolls.

So you can imagine my surprise when I managed to win him for fraction of his original price. The thing was, as happens with a doll I really want to win, his name Bruno popped into my head as the time began to count down. And well having told me his name , he just had to come live with me!

I thought I had some clothes for him , but turns out they are way too big, he is a lovely slim little thing.

He only came in his cotton all in one undergarment, so I needed to find him something to wear.

 After searching through some clothes, I managed to find these to keep him warm! A long sleeved , Passion for Sasha , T shirt, a pair of baby cords by Dolly doodles which are a little short! and a pair of Sharon's socks.

He's not too happy to be wearing , baby cords that are a little short, and a slightly big top but thems the breaks, when you come to live in a house full of well fed dolls ;)

He'll be needing some clothes and shoes that fit as he's refused to wear some of the baby items which covered him but were too loose in some places and too big in others!

So this is my boy Bruno, I have wanted a full wooden Pongratz doll for years and years , I,m over the moon that he's finally arrived! :)


  1. Bruno was clearly meant to be yours - I really like these dolls

    1. I have to agree Tricia :) I'm sure once you meet him you'll be even more tempted :)

  2. Bruno is a very handsome wistful looking lad - wistful for his OWN wardrobe of clothes, so hopefully you'll be able to make some soon which are just for him, not borrowed from the Gregor family. A peeked cap would suit him too perhaps.

    1. He is, poor boy, having to wear hand me ups, downs and sideways! Yes I am starting to sort him out his OWN clothes. A peaked cap would suit him well and he's also said he wants an apron? :)

  3. He's lovely Dee - congratulations.
    His stripy t shirt suits him well even if it has a little room for growth.
    Perhaps you could roll up the bottom of his trousers to make them 3/4 length summer trousers?
    He'll be looking for shoes next!!!

    1. Thank you Rosie , I am so happy :)
      I agree a little growing room can look quite sweet and he may well have to turn up some trousers into long shorts!
      And yes a pair of borrowed shoes for now until I can buy or make him some, it's not been here five minutes and his shopping list is alway getting longer! :)

  4. What a lovely little fellow Dee, I'm so glad that he arrived safely and you're happy with him, after all the anticipation :)
    How big is his head? Is it the same circumference as a Sasha?
    Also, the birthmark on his forhead reminds me of an upside down heart!!!

    1. Thanks Sharon, he is lovely to hold and yes after the trauma of his purchase and trip, it's great that he is finally home!
      Paul says his head is smaller than a Sasha's, I'll have to find my tape measure.
      Your right that little 'birthmark' does have the look of an upside down heart! xxx

  5. I've 'always' loved these dolls but have 'always' been just beyond my financial reach, the Sasha Dolls 'always' getting in their first.
    Maybe they might stand a chance this year when my Sasha Doll downsizing begins?
    Actually I rather like that sized T shirt on him and agree with Rosalind about turning up his trousers a notch!
    Looking forward to meeting him at the Sasha Celebration Weekend!

    1. Same for me Kendal, the Sasha's as soon as one purchased only they would do, until for me, the quest was done and now I can look around for my other doll loves.
      Yes maybe this will be your year :)
      I also love the slightly over sized look of his t shirt, I'll try thr trouser up turning and you can tell me what you think on Friday :)

    2. Firstly my apologies for writing 'their' instead of 'there' in my above comment. Only just noticed it so obviously no proof reading once again! Will I ever learn???!
      Look forward to seeing you and Bruno tomorrow then! The dollscand their 'stuff' are now all packed, just now need to sort out a few clothes etc for me.