Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Well we have a nice lot of doll shelf photos for you this month.

First up this month are the Lads from Gregoropolis all wearing their summer clothes !

 A couple more who are loving the paisley

and these lads favouring the check and stripes.

Hold up ! Whats this? Bowie's come back to send a message to his love.... sweet :)

These sweet girls at Viv's are sending a message to our Nini girl Izzy.

Jane's girl is off to read her book but stopped to say high with her little fairy friends.

Karin's babies are ready for the beach.

They love to collect shells.

But Teddy must come too!

In the village Callie and Mary are getting some air.

And Christie's watching the comings and goings of the shoot!

and Jenni's girl wants to sleep outside because it's too hot!

Ursula's button girls are not paying any attention to Mikey who wants to play! They are too busy talking about their Frances Trickett outfits!

While Modesty and Pippa are ready to go hiking in their boots and summer dresses.

Thanks to everyone for sending in your photos, still time to add more, so feel free to get snapping!



  1. Another selection of fantastic dolls for us to enjoy this month....really great to see Bowie...Rebel sends her love!!

  2. I always enjoy your Doll Shelf postings. It's amazing to see all the beautiful clothes and dolls in people's collections. All the boys and girls and their outfits are wonderful this month. I particularly liked Jane's hair style. To me, it was unique and very suiting to her. If I am every tempted to get a girl Sasha doll, I want it to look like Jane.

  3. What a delightful change today to see so many super Gregors. I'm so thrilled that the outfit market has finally decided to produce some great outfits for them to wear.
    Many thanks to you all above for sending in your doll photos for us to enjoy and my apologies again for the lack of any from the Sasha Brood. One of these days...I promise!
    Wishing all those celebrating a July birthday a very happy day.

  4. I love looking at everyone's dolls. I must post Ezri soon ( especially now she's getting new socks and shoes! ) She knows about the socks, but not the shoes :) Jane x

  5. These photos are so wonderful again! It's great to see the Gregoropolis lads together in their stylish shirts. But my girls are screaming they need a blouse like the one Jane's girl is wearing! Well I'm afraid that's too difficult for me to sew...
    Love the babies in their beach wear. And it's very clever of the Village redheads to pose on an outdoors "shelf" as long as the weather is fine!

  6. Some lovely shelf photos, the kids really are into their summer gear....I feel bad that some of mine, despite the high temperatures, are still wearing their winter clothes from last year!!!!