Sunday 16 July 2017


Well I totally missed posting this week! That's what happens when time just speeds past! I had every intention of taking some photos of the Sasha once I was back from work and then adding them onto the blog but it appears I never made it!

However progress on the house and garden front is being made! We have ordered our stone pieces with which to build our folly and should be hearing back about delivery soon!

This is roughly where it will be going I'll post proper photos, on the garden blog, when the work starts. But today Paul is working on laying the paving in the Lychgate another job that's been on the back burner ever since it was built.

Getting ready to be paved. If you remember back to when we were paving the step at the front of the house I bought a couple of piece's over paving but decided it would not suit? Well we decided this would be the perfect place to use those and purchased a couple more pieces which Paul is going to lay.

A couple of non Sasha dolls arrived this week , one being this sweet little Lexie by Heather Maciak, which I spotted on a site and jumped in quick and bought. I just love these sweet little dolls, she's wearing her original shoes but her dress is different but suits her well.

 I also received this BJD Maskcat doll.

She's been given a wig ,and a dress which is a little short for her and is now awaiting a name! I have a few in mind but am still waiting for the one to fit!

I also started work on cleaning off the face paint on the BJD heads I bought. This is a before photo, you can see why she needs repainting!

cleaned and awaiting a new look! Just hope I am up to the task! I have been studying lots of photos of these dolls and asking the experts lots of questions about how to go about it and finally there is no more putting it off! Today I must make a start !.

I also finally received a body I purchased to go with one of the heads, after a performance with Parcel Force in the end I went to collect it or I'd still be waiting until next week for delivery and since I'd already waited a week I wanted it now!

Of course I could not wait for the head to be painted before I checked it out with the body and a wig!
I did not put any eyes in  since I need to paint her face first but she looks promising in her Petrana dress and a black mohair wig, she does have a name , which is Morwenna.

So no Sasha's in this post but I did buy a lovely smocked dress this week by Wendy, so will put on some photo's tomorrow of one of my girls wearing it.. plus I saw that Toby with.... well I'll let you wait and see......;|)

Have a great week ahead.



  1. A good post full of interesting topics for a wide range of your viewers.
    I was thrilled with mention of the latest garden plans and ideas, although was slightly disappointed about the lack of photos of MY favourite Sasha Dolls... but this has slightly been compensated with the mention of 'Toby with....'in the last sentence!
    BTW. How is their Gregor castle tower plan coming along?

  2. Lots of work to be done! Folly building, doll face painting and Lych gate paving! I'm looking forward to seeing the results of all your efforts :) x

  3. Paving looks beautiful! - I took a peak at your garden blog :-) You're getting so much accomplished. It's about this point in the summer that I have to begin facing reality as far as what I'm actually going to accomplish this season.

  4. A Gregor sized castle tower would make a great folly for your garden, so maybe you'll have the boys help you designing?
    Just wait for the new smocked dress - and hope to see what Toby is planning soon!

  5. Garden is looking superb Dee!! Not so sure about those 'JCB' dolls you like though.... :)

  6. Pretty garden Dee. Lexie is adorable. 😊 xxx