Monday 3 July 2017


A couple more photos from Peckover House and gardens.

Half way up the main staircase.

the ornate plaster work above the staircase.

This massive wardrobe cum drawer unit in the bedroom.

a patchwork cover protected by glass

this cupboard was hidden in the paneling at the side of the fireplace.

The autographs of the stars of the film Dean Stanley which was shot in the house and gardens.

Peter O'Toole's is at the top.

The china in the cupboard in the little breakfast room.

The wallpaper in the breakfast room. This is from the 1960's from Switzerland.

A very posh enameled range in the large kitchen.

 The dresser.

The large kitchen table.

The Butler's pantry, the traditional fittings of sink and cupboards survive.

The lead lined sink

The large storage cupboard, showing it's great age.

The hat and umbrella stand in the servants sitting room.

The worn stone stairs leading from the kitchen basement up to the hallway.The light streaming in comes from the back door windows.

Could this be Mr and Mrs  Peckover? alas I believe these must be the servants ;)

I promise that's the last of the photos from our visit.

Only two days until the fifth and dolls shelf photos, please send them in :)


  1. SO pleased to finally see a photo of THE birthday girl! Your love of gardens could certainly make you worthy of being Mr and Mrs Peckover!

    1. Well I won't say no to owning such a beautiful house and garden but I'd want it here in Hertfordshire :)

  2. Definitely not the both look too happy! I love your hat too btw

    1. That's true but then they may have been good employers.. I do love a nice hat :) xx

  3. Ring-a-ling, send up a tray of tea and cucumber sarnies. We'll take tea in the garden! I love that soft blue/green shade in the main staircase. I love that hatstand too. I have seen a few in these reclamation shops and they are soooo nice, but alas I have no room for one. The only place at the bottom of the stairs is where Ginger Boo has her bed! :) Jane x

    1. That would be the life, just ringing the bell for tea! lol

      It's a shame that all the old style furniture is no longer wanted, we did think about getting a hat and umbrella stand but did not have the space.
      Although we do have a small umbrella stand in one of the sheds! :)x

  4. Lovely photos, and particularly like the last one! You do look very grand in your straw hat too Dee :)
    This is a great home, certainly worth a visit!