Friday, 8 September 2017


We set off last Friday for Somerset and the Village of Montacute. We'd booked a cottage in the village for a weeks break and were really looking forward to getting away for a week.

We tend to stay in cottages in more rural locations but when I saw this one advertised I thought it would be a great place to stay.
It 's called Tudor cottage and just a stones throw from the National Trust property Montacute House.

Montacute House

This is our cottage with the white door and this is the entrance to the house, a stones throw!

The almost the whole village is made from the local Hamstone and beautiful. I will now bore you all with photos of the village ..

to the side of our house.

the row of cottages with our not shown at the right end.

 the view across the road toward the entrance to the NT estate.

over to the right from the house, one of the two local pubs that do a fine and popular Sunday lunch and just further up a tea rooms that do a very fine ploughman's and ice cream sundae.



We had a walk round the village, this is looking down on it from a footpath.

The view of a building we came across called Abbey Farm.

The view of it's driveway..

The second village pub.

This pretty cottage was for sale .

Then down back towards the cottage.

Back to where we were staying.

I have to say it was the first time I've ever thought I could live in a place I've stayed in. The village is just lovely and as a lovely feel to it. Enough going on that you'd not be bored but not so much that you'd feel swamped!.

Tomorrow, I'll share some more photos that will have a little something extra.... ;)



  1. You always go to the most interesting places. It's quite a picturesque little place and I like how everything is made out of the same stone.

    1. Why thank you :) It was a lovely place to stay and so beautiful with it all being made of the same stone.

  2. I love villages and village life. we lived in a village called Bishop's Hull for 5 years. It wasn't your typical chocolate box sort of village, but we loved it there :)

    1. Me too! Although I've only lived in a village for the last twelve years being a born and bred Londoner who only moved out of the capital when i married.
      I have to say I do miss the convenience of living in a city but I love the peace and quiet of the village. :) x

  3. What a delightful and charming village Monacute is. I was raised in a village environment too and loved this slower, more friendly, rural way of life compared to quicker, the hustle and bustle of life in our towns and cities.
    Loved the unevenness of your cottage's front stonework.

    1. It must have been a wonderful way to live as a child all those places to roam mind you I roamed around Westminster abbey and Trafalgar Square being brought up so close to them, so something to to be said for both environments back then :)
      The window in our bedroom at the front was on such a slant !

  4. How beautiful Dee. I love this sweet Village, the interesting houses, and the lay of the land. I especially like Abbey Farm and that driveway view is beckoning I think. A great post and so glad you got away!! 😊 xxx

    1. It is Ginger and there are quite a few houses it would have been lovely to wander inside of , i so love houses :)
      me too! glad we got away that is :) xx

  5. Visited Montacute House many years ago - lovely. Your cottage looks fun - enjoy the rest of your holiday :-)

  6. What a fantastic place to spend a holiday! Looking forward to more pictures.