Saturday, 16 September 2017


Lydia was waiting outside, she'd been out for a stroll while we'd been in Montacute House.

She'd shelter by the large stone plant trough.

The large comfy living room which had two large sofa's that large footrest and also a small table , two chairs and a long pew in the window.

Now I will tell you something that happened here on the first evening. You can see in the photo a plug point and the lead from it  goes to my ipad. Very late on the first evening i when to either turn it off or put it on charge and as I turned away towards the sofa you can see,I felt  something rushing past quickly and quite solid on the side between me and the sofa!
I made it a point to always turn in the opposite direction after that and did not encounter that feeling again! I also did not mention it to anyone.

 A rather dark photo of the kitchen out towards the tiny courtyard.on this side of the counter was a table and four chairs where we had breakfast and snacks.

The smallest of the bedrooms

from the other angle.

The second of the double bedrooms.

some books to read while you stay.

The master bedroom.

another amazing fireplace.

and for once this is not how I've taken the photo, the window did run out that much !Thankfully the floor was more level!

The lovely fourposter bed!

The second strange thing that happened was with these chest of drawers. You can see that two of the handles are up instead of down..... well that's how they appeared in the morning after our first night!
I'd not touched the drawers and could not remember seeing them out of place the night before! It only happened on that one night! I checked every morning to see if they were still down!
Now I am not a believer in this or a none believer ! I'm open minded and would need to see proof for myself.. but would rather not thanks very much!

The only down side of the house was this was the 'garden' a nice suntrap but only two of you would be able to sit outside at any time. This is also what it was like when we arrived and this....

 was what it was like after we'd been to a couple of gardens...The bottle with the plant is , is where part of one of the plants broke off on our way back and Paul places the broken part into a bottle of water and then when we were ready to leave wrapped the stems in a damp tissues and a plastic bag, then potted them up once we got back to see if they'd root! So a possible couple of extra plants!

I have to say that because we'd gone in my little car for a change , it had restricted the amount of room we had to place purchases, so was quite good in one way although we did our best to fill it to the brim for the return journey!

So you'll be pleased to know that's the end of  holiday snaps! Did you see Mossy in some of those photos? No? Yes?

I'm going to add the photos where he's hiding so you can see if you spotted him. Below...









  1. When you were describing your first 'experience', at first I thought for sure you were going to say there was a bat in the house (a situation that would terrify me far more than a ghost). As to the drawer pulls, I wonder if perhaps Mossy was up to some shenanigans.

  2. I don't believe in ghosts or anything like that, but all the same it would have unnerved me very much!! Lovely little house though. I only spotted Mossy on the little bookshelf. Thanks for sharing your lovely holiday :) Jane x

  3. What an absolutely delightful and charming little cottage that you had chosen to stay in.
    I'm trying not to think of your encounter whilst dealing with the iPad....but had thought that you were going to say that it was a RAT!
    Don't pay any attention to the chest of drawers handles as this can happen with these handles as we had them like this in my childhood home.

    Loved the little decking area! That certainly soon got filled up with plants didn't it?
    Hope that you lit that wood burning stove in the evenings.
    PS. Only missed seeing Mr. Mossy the once.

  4. What a sweet and lovingly decorated cottage you had! But I must say, the sun deck looked much more like a garden after you did some purchases.
    Did you never find out what you encountered on your first evening? Could it have been a cat?

  5. A beautiful cottage and nice to actually see Mr. Mossy this time!!! I absolutely love your photo of the mirror showing the ornately carved headboard. Well done Dee! 😊 xxx