Tuesday, 26 September 2017


I took quite a few photos of Sienna in her change of clothes for the autumn/winter, so thought I'd share a few more with everyone.


" Could you look out into the garden " I ask
"Like this? "
" perfect!"

" Don't you think it's a little warm for a scarf? " Sienna asks

"Well " I say " I'm getting you ready for winter"
"But it's only just autumn 1"

" I did save a lovely dress for you to wear " I confess
" So where is it? "
" That's the question!"

" I'll just hold the scarf for now , Okay? " says Sienna

"Fine " I reply

" Maybe you could smell the flowers? "

" Like this? "
"Perfect "

" Shouldn't these be in the garden? "
"Yes but it's finding the time!"

"You have a lot to plant"
" I know!"

" Look These one's are really tall!"

" I think you'll need to plant them soon if you want them to get bigger for next year!"

" Yes we will but that's just another job on the lists of jobs to do before winter gets here! " I agree " Now we are finished here, so let's go in and you can tell me all about your sister Amber whose about to arrive!"



  1. She's gorgeous, and the plants in the background really compliment her.

  2. Such a stunning doll...and more than willing model. You're blown in there Denise.

  3. Hope she is going to live inside the house with you and not stay out in the garden...it's getting chilly out there now :)

  4. Hi Sienna! You look so pretty in your golden dress that matches your eyes. I hope you enjoyed yourself in Mom's garden. A lovely day! 😊 xxx

  5. She's so sweet in that dress, and the ponytail suits her so well. And she is a fast learner, she is already a perfect model!