Saturday 27 January 2018


Elsewhere in the village

" Turn it this way" says a voice loudly
"Shh if mum hears us she'll be mad!" someone whispers

"Wow!" says a voice softly

"That's so cool "

"This is a great new telescope " says Zak in a whisper
" Yes we may discover a new planet!" says Toby a little loudly
" Shh!"
" Shh yourself! " says Toby " come on we'd better put it back before someone finds us!"

for once it's Toby being sense able!

" Just one last look! " whispers Zak

Sighing Toby keeps watch for any lights suddenly going on in the house !

Silence ........


Have to confess the cool photo is off the internet but we can see some great constellations from our front and back gardens. Orion , the Plough , Sirius to name but a few and at the right time both Mars and Venus. Of course tonight it was too cloudy and we only managed a photo of the moon.But on a better night the boys will have a great time star gazing with their new telescope.



  1. When I first saw the shadowy figures I was sure it was uncle Alfonso coming to add more mayhem to the Fortuna household. Thank goodness it was only Toby and Zak. It's always good to see young folks interested in science. I'm sure they'll become famous astronomers some day.

    1. It did cross my mind too! but thankfully it was just those two enjoying the telescope. If Toby was to become a famous astronomer I'd be over the moon ;) because he would finally have settled to something! :)

  2. Oh what a cool telescope the boys have, did it come from Santa? I have always wanted a telescope and have been tempted several times to get one but you know what it's like, dolly purchases often seem to push their way to the front of the buying queue!!!
    We too have some wonderful night skies here, there's not much light so we get to see masses of stars and sometimes we see the International Space Station going over, but only if we've read in the local paper that it's going over at a certain time of night!!!

    1. Yes it was part of their Christmas present, for all the Sasha kids. We would love to get one ourselves but as you say either a doll purchase or some house item gets in the way! Maybe next year!!
      It's so fascinating looking up at the sky, it's quite dark here especially at the back of the house so we can get some wonderful night skies. I never seem to remember to look when they say such and such is going to pass across and if I do it's always cloudy! so miss it anyway! :)

  3. GREAT post! Always love anything featuring Zak and Toby...EDUCATION!

    1. Thanks Kendal, I know these two are favourites of yours ;)

  4. What a creative and fantastic post! I love that the boys are interested in the constellations and what a cool telescope. I really enjoyed this post, it brought a big smile too. 😊 xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger. The boys love seeing all the constellations and love that to do so they get to stay up late!! I'm glad it make you smile :) xx