Sunday 14 January 2018


Well I don't Adam and Eve  ( believe) it! After having that cold for three weeks up to Christmas I have spent this last week fighting a virus! I've never been so ill for so long , going from one thing to the next!

It's so annoying as I have so much to do, with the dolls and the house , but no energy to do it ! But It's made me determined to try and get fitter this year, so I stand a better chance of fighting these things off.

 Now I was not planning to do a weekly catch up this year, will do them where and when I have things to share.

This one relates to some props.

If you've been reading Granny's Christmas story , you have seen these bottles of beer!

They were a gift from a lovely friend, Jane S, last year, she plays with the BJD dolls mainly, so I would guess that these are suitable for that size of doll but as you see can work well with the Sasha's and others.

So that's a place to look for props that should fit well.

I also found these before Christmas, I was not sure if they'd be too big but was pleasantly surprised when I opened them.

Not a bad size.

I just love what you can find in these Erasers. I plan on popping back to the shop and getting some more as I think Granny may open a tea shop for the summer and she'll be needing plenty of cakes etc.

In the same shop I found these Ice Cream erasers and although I already have some , it's always good to have a few more. This is one side of the box

and this the other.

Talking of boxes of things we seem to have acquired a box of ...


We've had to keep this box since December as Milo's decided it purrr fect for his needs! I cannot tell you the amount of cat beds etc over the last 15 years we've bought for these cats , which they have after inspecting them, turned their noses up and slept elsewhere!
I think he likes it best because it's in front of the fireplace where he can be surrounded by us at various times of the day and he very much a people cat.

Well I think I'm now on the road to recovery, so need to go sort out just what Bruno's up to! amongst other things.

Have a great week ahead.



  1. I already admired the little beer bottles in your last post. They work well with Granny! (Maybe too well...)
    Sorry to read you caught a virus just after getting over the cold. It must be maddening! And there are always so many things to do.
    It's good you're feeling better now, though.

    1. Those bottle are so cute :)
      Yes I am fed up with all these cold etc that keep finding me! Hopefully I'll have had my share for this winter!

  2. Sorry to hear that you are still under the weather Dee. It's rough getting two illnesses back to back. It's a terrible season for colds and viruses. Seems like everyone in my office is sick. You could take a tip from Granny and try the "beer and macaron" treatment! Hope you're feeling better soon.

    1. It is! But at least I've not had the really bad ones that knock people for six!
      I'd quite like to try the laying in bed for days with a nice supply of Macaroons but alas they will insist if I want paying I need to actually go into work.. the devils!

  3. Those little beer bottles are cute, my mum has a small Guinness one that I used some years ago as a prop with some small bjds when I went for a visit and they came with me. I should have asked her if I could keep it! The macaroons look good enough to eat. I like the icecream cones too, they will definitely come in handy when you have good weather again.

    I'm sorry that you're not well again but glad to read that you're feeling better, it's horrible when you get one cold after another like that, very debilitating.
    Big hugs xx

    1. They are! That's a shame you didn't think to get the Guinness bottle of your mum's , but we always think of these things afterwards!
      I do love a good prop! lol
      Could so do with feeling completely healthy but I fear that won't be till the Spring arrives at this rate! :) xx

  4. What a pain to be unwell again so soon after getting better from the 3 week cold. You might want to try taking Echinacea next time you feel a cold or flu coming on - it really helps to fight the symptoms and get you better quicker. I'm glad to see you haven't given up keeping an eye out for doll sized props.

    1. It is! Funnily enough I knew I'd heard of Echinacea before , there was some tables in the cupboard, I think Paul uses to take them unfortunately out of date , so I'll need to go get some.
      I hate to miss a good prop! :)

  5. SO sorry to hear that you're unwell again. That's the trouble when you're already under parr it's so easy to pick up another germ... and there are plenty going around at the moment.
    My daughter is poorly too with a sinus and chest infection.
    Wishing everyone who is unfortunately ill a successful and full recovery and a healthy 2018.

    1. You understand just how annoying and frustrating it is not to feel well enough to get on with your plans!
      I hope Chon gets well soon and everyone else manages to avoid all these germs flying about! x

  6. Glad you're on the mend - don't want you self medicating like Granny, look what it did to her! xx

    1. She told Bruno it was that Macaroon that made her feel poorly and slur her words.... I don't think he believed her when he kicked the bottle beside the bed!

  7. Well, so glad you are getting better Dee. Yay! I love Granny’s book, Little Women. It is one of my most favorite books as a child and still today. I think and hope that Granny just might be getting better too. Sending you hugs. 😊 xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger :) Me too! Little Women one of my favourite books too :)
      Alas I think Granny's taken a turn for the worse!She was slurring her words and could barely walk straight when she got up to go to the bathroom! ;) xx