Saturday, 6 January 2018


Well I usually take the tree down on New Years day or just after. The house then looks bare for a day and then everything seems to settle back in place!

But due to other circumstances, the tree is still here on nearly twelfth night! It being Friday the 5th when I am writing this.

When Zak and Toby decided to help with the tree, it seemed like the job would soon be done.

That troublesome elf was refusing to get down from the tree, insisting he still had one more night of freedom!
Zak , being a sweet lad, was soon asking if the elf could stay until tomorrow (6th) !

Toby on the other hand was telling Zak to just grab him and pass him down and don't listen to no elf!
They were in charge of tree dismantling not elves..

Rose came along to help with the larger items

Cassie , a new girl,was patiently waiting for Toby to take the decorations she was holding and put them in the box but Toby was too busy arguing with the elf!

Mum decided to go and have some lunch while they argued.

Mum watched from the sofa as Toby and the Elf argued with Zak speaking up in the elf's favour!

" But well it is only one night Toby " he says trying to be heard over the elf's " Get away you dolt! I demand my rights! Twelfth night Twelfth Night! Is the correct day for the removing of Christmas decorations and that's NOT today! "
While Toby's talking over the elf " Listen you elf I'm in charge of taking down the tree not you and if I want it taken down TODAY,  I will take it down, tenth , eleventh or first night! Whatever night I like! "

Mum sitting on the sofa watching the goings on,  while eating her sandwich, finally says " I think you all look so sweet where you are,  you can all stay there until tomorrow "

Toby is stunned into silence but alas not so the elf..... the sound of a very loud raspberry echo's round the room......



  1. We usually take down the Christmas decorations on the weekend after the 6th of January. But it is also ok to keep it up until "Maria Lichtmess", which is a day dedicated to St. Mary (in the Catholic church calendar) and which is in February...
    Poor Toby! I hope he'll get over the elf's triumph.

    1. That is interesting. But I don't think I would want to keep my decorations up until February, it would look really bare then!
      I don't know if Toby will recover! It's usually him who as the last word... lol

  2. Best off to let the little guy have his way. He might go and file a grievance with the Elves Union!

    1. You could be right, that elf looks like just the type to complain! ;)

  3. January 6th, the Twelfth night, THE Epiphany, is the day that many Christian religions (including my Roman Catholic Faith) say is the day to take the decorations down... although the Church of England says it's on the 5th January.
    Mine were taken down today so my home has that rather bare appearance at the moment before the general clutter starts to take over once again.

    During Advent I usually plant up a large bowl of indoor prepared Hyacinths to attract the eye and help fill the bareness and Christmas scent.

    1. I have to say if we ever leave it this late ( not having removed it all on the 2nd) then we make sure it's all down by the 6th, Twelfth night.
      I find it odd how it looks so bare for a day or two after especially as everything that was there before Christmas is still in place! :)

  4. Oh how funny, I thought that elf looked like trouble when I saw his face on another post!! I suppose if you're boxed up for the rest of the year it's not surprising that he'd want to savour every bit of his 'freedom' so I'm glad that in the end you decided to let him have his way!!
    I do like that twig tree by the way.
    We usually take our decorations down on Twelfth Night too, although this year we didn't have many decorations so I didn't have that 'bare' feeling afterwards. It's amazing how quickly it looks 'normal' (read 'cluttered') again though, isn't it!!

  5. A lovely post Dee. We took our tree down yesterday on Epiphany. The room looks bare now but I hope to rearrange a few things to warm it up a bit. 😊 xxx